Fisher: "We Have a Plan"

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  1. EWKER: Well i'm glad your not in charge of Salary cap because you'd probaly one of the people that would of gave Clement his ludacris contract.Teams over paid for Bennett,Clement,Henry,and Wade what don't you and other people on here understand about that?Like i said before you build a team through the draft and use FA for to add vetrans for balance.I said it yesterday in a thread and i'll say it again the Patriots are prime example of that.Its going to payoff but its not going to happen over night.Of the 11 starters on defense right now,5 are vetrans and 6 are players we picked through the draft.Thats what you want,don't be quick judge the coach and gm try to understand the game it what it takes to win
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    I was thinking that the FOs plan 'A' was to keep the roster as-is as long as the starters going into FA kept their prices down. If all of them stayed, then just fill in some spots with strength and depth.

    Plan 'B'. If a certain player wanted too much of a pay increase or length of contract, (Travis, Bennett, Brown and Wade), let them walk rather than spend the money. These are the players that the FO felt could be replaced without hurting the teams chances of making the playoffs. Or, these were players that probably would not be starters once they got out of training camp, stiff competition.

    Plan 'C'. Circle the wagons and punt.
  3. Ewker

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    TITANFANATIC911, you got all of that out what I have a great imagination, no wonder you believe Fisher
  4. understand the game ....
  5. Ewker

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    you mean the game you are playing
  6. there's no game i'm playing,i understand whats going on, you obviously don't know the game of football.You should be a redskins fan,there good at spending money and getting nothing in return...
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    I say we dont sign any free agents, and not even bother drafting and just show up in september with this good "core" of players we have now and see how things work out. 1 running back is enough and Brandon Jones and the other recivers that Jeff did not mention by name probably because he doesnt know their name. However Brandon Jones who had 27 receptions i think thats a great indicator that hes clearly a #1 reciever in the NFL. I like this plan.
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    Salary Cap Adjustments

  9. The Mrs

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    Yeah right. Two things. I told you who was really running things....Jeff Fisher. And TITANJEFF, if you can make a "Fuster" a Fisher/Custer, why can't I get a chocolate chip cookie with Lendales face superimposed on it?:ha: I'm going on strike!:irked:
  10. BudAdams

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    "Houston...We have a plan!"
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