Fisher Looking for More Consistency Next Season

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    SUMMARY: Titans Coach Fisher said one of the key areas of improvement he is looking for from his team next season is consistency. "It’s just consistency," said Fisher. "We need to address our overall team’s speed which we will and we need to get back to being able to run the football and throw and catch it. We haven’t done the things we would have liked have done offensively as far as making big plays, but those things will come as the younger players mature. We all know that players are going to make their biggest jumps in their first year and their second year and we have a quite a number of those guys we’re counting on doing that."

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  2. fitantitans

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    We were consistant, did you not see our season record? Or, perhaps, are you talikng about being consistant in the opposite direction?
    We will be consistant in the amount of vets leaving the team as there was last year. It won't affect the out come of next years record like it did this year.
  3. avvie

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    I hope that doesn't mean consistently floundering in the red zone. We've got that down to a science, I think...
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