Fisher Looking for Big Improvement in Second Half of the Season

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    SUMMARY: When asked about what he felt about his team at midway point of the season, Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said he is pleased with the locker room but that the team must find a way to minimize mistakes. "I think I’m most pleased with the work ethic, the locker room, the commitment," said Fisher. "I’ve observed it, and commented on it Saturday night before the ballgame. They have fun together, they trust each other and they’re working hard. What we have to see in the second half is dramatic improvement. We need to see production from key players. We need to see mistakes minimized. We need to see them win a close game. We need go beat a good football team. This team statistically compared to the team last year, about the same. Fewer pass attempts, fewer sacks, we’ve given up a few more points but about the same. The record was the same. I would expect to see significant improvement from this team as compared to what we saw the second half of the season last year."

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Thread Status:
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