Fisher Likes Improvements He's Seeing on Defense

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    SUMMARY: As the Titans head into the final days of OTAs, Coach Jeff Fisher is pleased with what he is seeing on the defensive side of the ball. "We are pleased with the defensive backs, pleased with the linebacker depth, and the young linebackers are doing well and improving everyday," said Fisher. "The defensive linemen, once again they are hard to evaluate because you don’t have the pads on. But the quickness, acceleration, and doing the right things are all there right now. We see it across the board which is good." Fisher went on to say he does not expect a letdown season from DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. "He set the bar high for himself last year but he has the athletic ability and the willingness to do that every year," said Fisher. "I think what he did last year showed some of the younger guys that when you work really hard good things happen."

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    Sounds like things are going really well in the OTAS and we have competition at every position especially at LB and the defensive backfield. I hope we look this good when the pads go on and we start hitting. Looks like we will be good enough that the coaches will have some tough decisions at final roster time that will be really different than the last couple of years. Looks like our DBs will allow the DC to be MUCH more aggressive this year maybe Coach Fisher will remind him of how Buddy Ryan coached defense. Come on Coach get more involved on the defensive side and lets be a great defense again.
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