Fisher Keeps Ticking as Titans Coach

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    SUMMARY: Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher recently explained the biggest lesson he has learned while becoming the NFL's longest-tenured head coach with one team. "Things come up on a daily basis that are going to occupy a lot of your time, and they're not necessarily related to X's and O's," Fisher said. "That's the thing I didn't realize, I thought it was all about the X's and O's." For Fisher, the game hasn't changed much since he was a defensive back for Chicago in the '80s, but the players have. "I think you find now that there are more players who come into the league and think that the NFL owes them something," Fisher says. "There are more players now than there were in the past that need to learn how to respect the opportunity they have been given."

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    Fisher confident he'll extend deal, stick with Titans

    Jeff Fisher wants to remain coach of the Tennessee Titans and believes a contract extension with the team will get done. ...more

  3. Titan_4Good.

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    Pay Fisher Now!!
  4. moose4now

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    ....and, for many years to come. :thumb:
  5. Titan_4Good.

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    I love Fisher he is not even thinking about his contract, he just want to get to the playoffs and then we talk money!! GO TITANS!!
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