Fisher Impressed by 7-3 Jets

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    SUMMARY: On Monday, Coach Jeff Fisher spoke on his team's next opponent, the New York Jets. "Well, they’re knocking the quarterback down, they’re stopping the run and Brett [Favre] has thrown 18 touchdown passes," said Fisher. "Their running back is exceptional and they have one of the better returners in the game. They’re playing good in all three phases and they’ve beat some quality opponents and you can never afford to take a deep breath as long as Brett Favre is on the opposite sideline, that’s just how he is." Fisher went on to say the Jets may benefit from getting a couple of extra days of rest and preparation for the Titans. "It gives the staff a little more time so you may have to take that approach where you have to prepare for the unexpected because they’ve had a few extra days," said Fisher.

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Thread Status:
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