Fisher and the Rams

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Zappa71, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. GoT

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    fishface would rather win late with a FG than put a team away in the 3Q with that 1 more TD.

    How many times did he let some inferior team hang around till late in the 4Q and the D having too make a play late too keep a less than TD lead safe? Tons. Granted fishface hardly ever blew those games, but dang there aint nothing wrong with finishing a team off early if you have the oppertunity
  2. Deuce Wayne

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    We should have swept them last year and we're much better this year, and they're no better... actually, I'd say they're worse now that they have no Reggie Wayne.

    Colts ain't sh**. Their luck will run out eventually. They got their azz kicked by the Texans Sunday for most the game.
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    lol yea who the kansas city guy who came in a couple years ago and LIT OUR ASSES UP like he was Peyton Manning? Maybe it was the Dolphins third stringer? Oh Tyler PIGpen.
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    Rosenfels and Thigpen are the two that come to mind... but I know there are others.

    Was Kelly Holcomb a backup back when we lost to the Browns at home off of some stupid prevent defense/onside kick failure? I vaguely remember that game.
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    First time really posting since the Rams game... Yo, for real, FU*K Fisher.... I know this has probably been talked about, but still....

    That move at the end just made me loose so much respect for the 'competition committee' guy. Munch is a good dude. During Fisher's time here, Munch REALLY helped him create that run-first grind it out offense. People can say a lot of things about Mike, but he made sure the O-Lines were always mean & dominating up-front.

    Such disrespect to your former subordinate who you should congratulate on a nice win....

    F Fisher....
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  6. Zappa71

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    Because of one thing...Andrew "Lucky ass" Luck and sick boy Pagano. That's why.
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