Fisher and his 'Keep it Close Mentality'

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by rock8titans, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. Nine

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    Since I have no life, I decided to look up every one of Lendale's rushing attempts inside the 10-yard line in 2008. Here's a breakdown of these rushing attempts, and how productive they were:

    Opponent / carries / TD
    JAX - 1 / 1
    @CIN - 1 / 1
    HOU - 4 / 2
    MIN - 3 / 1
    @BAL - 0 / 0
    @KC - 3 / 2
    IND - 5 / 2
    GB - 0 / 0
    @CHI - 3 / 1
    @JAX - 0 / 0
    NYJ - 0 / 0
    @DET - 2 / 2
    CLE - 4 / 1
    @HOU - 0 / 0
    PIT - 2 / 1
    @IND - 0 / 0

    Total: 28 carries....14 TD's.

    That's ridiculously good.

    It's also worth mentioning that of all the drives where LW had a rushing attempt inside the ten-yard line, only once did a drive fail to produce a TD. ONCE! (That drive was in the Browns game.)

    In every game where he had one or more goal line carries, he had one or more TD's. No exceptions. In fact, at no point in the season did he have more than four "inside the ten" carries without scoring a TD.

    As I said before: the coaches tried to get cute at the Colts' goal line, and it backfired on them. Twice. Screw finesse.....screw strategy and gameplanning. When you've got a back who scores on literally half his carries inside the let him do what he does. You don't think about just start pounding it until he's standing in the endzone. Three, maybe four plays, tops.
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  2. Hoffa

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    The redzone playcalling of the Colts game was lousy.

    Heimerdinger said after the Arizona game that the game winning TD pass to Britt was a play they had not run since the last time he was a coach here. They more or less just drew it up in the dirt and pulled it off like how you play a game in your backyard.

    That makes me wonder why they don't have a better game plan going in for redzone scenarios. That adds to the reason why I'd like to see Fisher gone...
  3. Pacman 4 HoF

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    i prefer calling timeouts when we get the ball on the 1 foot line then throw fade routes
  4. kdizzle

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    I hate the fade route most of the time...especially when you have the dual threat of running or passing from you QB. It was very low percentage and VY needs to work a little on them. Threw it too late though on target. I like giving it to CJ better on a pitch and let him get the one yard or run/pass option with VY. Kind of bad calls plus the holding penalty did not help.
  5. GoT

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    are you kidding me the fade is at least 80% play, at least thats what the opposition does too the Titans
  6. el_darax

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    Its still painful to know that if they produced in the red more often the game mighta gone our way....or at least have been closer.

    And that's WITH us turning it over twice, even.
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