First article I have seen talking about Mariani's recovery

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    The thing with Marc is that (basing this prior to injury) he was more consistent then DR. He didn't bobble punts and made much better decisions for sure (i.e. taking out kicks, calling fair catches, etc...). His consistently led to solid returns and a couple TDs here and there. It also generally led to good field position and he didn't turn the ball over as well... Thats huge...

    DR (based on last year) actually wasn't spectacular. He is a better athlete then Marc and therefore can probably break one more often than Marc could. However, he is no where nearly as consistent (guy made some horrible decisions last year). Also, prior to coming here, he had a history of bobbling and (if memory serves) Giants fans were ready to kill him at one point for some crucial turnovers.

    Jake and Co. (assuming those reports of us becoming more more run oriented and adopting that 'College style offense' somewhat are not a hoax) will need good field position as we look to control the clock. Marc was definitely more consistent in that regard and over his time starting gave the offense pretty good field position.

    As JCBRAVE said, neither though are good at their position and therefore have no extra value beyond return duties. Getting a good return man (one who is both consistent and can break one @ anytime) is important and I don't think DR/Marc are that.

    If a good guy exists in the draft later on (6th or 7th rounder) who fits the bill, I'd def take a shot. We need as many playmakers as possible right now....
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    I'm pretty sure 99.99% of Titan fans LOVE Marc Mariani the guy, but as a WR/KR some don't.

    As for him signing autographs like that, he better LOL, he's an average guy living the dream. He'd come off as a real douche if he of all players felt like his time were better spent doing something else.
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    Always good to have two in camp competing for the return job. Let's see what they do in the preseason and trust the coaches to go with the best option based on what they do in camp and preseason.
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    Marc was shaping up to be a good slot reciever before his injury and I hope he can come back to 100%. I like him as a return man because of his consistency, but keep in mind Raynaud keeps improving. When Keith Bullock was announcing preseason games he kept saying how much DR had improved since his days with the Giants. He seemed very surprised by the improvement, so it must have been substantial. With a full offseason to watch tape and the 1st season (to make a team anyway) jitters behind him I think he will make better decisions and shape up to be a solid retuen man.