Fewer Penalties Help in Titans Turnaround

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    SUMMARY: Though 11 games in 2005, the Titans had 87 penalties for 713 yards. This year, they've had 56 penalties for 463 yards. It may be a sign of a team who is showing more discipline. Only five teams have fewer penalties. "It's huge," Coach Jeff Fisher said. "It doesn't guarantee you wins, but go across the penalty numbers last year and most times the teams with fewer penalties will get in the playoffs. It's been a positive. I'm proud of them. I think guys understand that if you can keep the penalties down, it gives you a good chance to win. With the age of this team right now, yes I think it's a sign of improvement." The Titans have had 125, 110, 110 and 112 penalties over the last four seasons.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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