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Discussion in 'Movies/TV' started by CRUDS, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. CRUDS

    CRUDS Moderator Staff

    Who is your fav actor.. What role is their best etc..?
  2. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    Almost everyone in the Frat Pack. especially Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Ben Stiller.

    Arnold is up there also, Because of Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall, The Terminators (not T3) and Predator.
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    lol Kindergarten Cop. Good memories - It's not a toooomor.

    Favourite actor is hard, i'd say:

    Matt Damon - Bourne Identity, Good Will Hunting, Talent Mr Ripley, The Departed. I think he has quite a bit of range as he plays a different role in all those movies, as well as in the Ocean movies.

    Another actor who I find makes good movies is Leonardo DiCaprio. Some of his recent movies I have enjoyed very much - Blood Diamond, The Departed.

    I'd also rate Denzel Washington - though he plays the same role (Cop) 99% of the time and Morgan Freeman. There are some others but I can't think of them.
  4. mdfan

    mdfan Starter

    Some of my favorites
    Humphrey Bogart - all of his stuff that I've seen

    Lawrence Fishburne - I like just about all of his stuff ( really liked him in Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned)

    Edward Norton - I've only seen Red Dragon, The Italian Job and American History X - he's a very versatile actor
  5. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    For an overall body of work I'll go with Clint Eastwood.

    He has made a number of truly great movies & is still making quality movies at the age of 77 albeit mainly as a director.

    I love all of his westerns ,Kellys Heroes,Paint Your Wagon,The Any Which Way movies & even his comedy stint in City Heat.

    I'd have to say my favorite Eastwood movie is Unforgiven. He said that after the genre had been so good to him over the years, going all the way back to Rawhide, that he wanted to make a realistic western. A movie that didn't glorify those times but instead showed a more realistic view of how hard they were.

    I think he nailed it.

    I visited Tombstone not long after Wyatt Earp & Tombstone came out & as I reflected on what it must have been like in the fight at the OK Corral I thought more about Unforgiven than the two Earp movies. The Corral was a small space behind the main street & it must have been a brutal & terrifying shootout. It reminded mo of the bar seen where Eastwood walks in to kill Lil' Bill in Unforgiven. Powerful stuff.

    The perceived great actors such as DeNiro & Pacino seem to have lost their way a little as they've gotten older which is a shame. I guess there aren't many great scripts around these days.

    I can see Bruce Willis being remembered more than those two. Willis can do action ,comedy ,drama anything really.His range is incredible.The Sixth Sense was sublime.
  6. titanbuoy

    titanbuoy medium rare ®

    Favourite actor is a tough one.

    There are some favourite performances, but to choose an all time single favourite actor is too tough. I’ll go with who I think is probably the greatest actor of the twentieth century; Sir Alec Guinness. The quality and diversity of his roles and the length of his career I think are unmatched.

    A small sampling of the best of Alec:


    (from top left to right) Sir Alec, an early studio portrait; Admiral Lord Horatio D'Ascoyne, "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (1949); Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Star Wars" (1977); Gulley Jimson, "The Horse's Mouth"(1958); Lord Henry D'Ascoyne, "Kind Hearts and Coronets" (1949); Prince Feisal, "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962); Father Brown, "Father Brown" (1953); Prince Albert, "The Swan" (1956); Lady Agatha D'Ascoyne, "Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949); Bensonmum, "Murder by Death" (1976); General Yegraf Zhivago, "Doctor Zhivago" (1965); Sidney Stratton, "The Man in the White Suit" (1951)

    and perhaps his greatest role; Col. Nicholson in "The Bridge on the River Kwai".


  7. CRUDS

    CRUDS Moderator Staff

    I most definitely agree with you about Clint, and that the once greats DeNiro and Pacino have made some really bad movie choices in the last 10 years but although Bruce Willis may be remembered, none of his roles were near the level of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, King of Comedy etc...

    The thing I loved about Unforgiven was the how whole "hierarchy of bad men" and "Killers" plays out for the first 3/4 of the movie but in the end William Munny, the sad sack farmer who was had repented for his life of killing only needed a bottle of whiskey and a little inspiration to teach the pompous-assed Little Bill a real lesson about killing..
  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    my favorite actor is easily samuel l jackson

  9. Crash Override

    Crash Override inVINCEable

    yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell
  10. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

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