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    I'm looking to target Aaron Hernandez. I figure with the arrest he is probably dropping off peoples fantasy radar. He will be a steal in the 6th round!
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    Michael Crabtree, Percy Harvin, Danario Alexander, Jeremy Maclin, and Dennis Pitta are all great picks this year too.

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    I'm drafting Gabbert this year. That man is the next coming of Tebo.. I mean Jesus :D
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    Locker. Dudes gonna ball out guys.... Fantasy sleeper! The next tommy Brady (third year instead of second)
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    I had the chance to join your league kemosabe and chose not to. I don't see the point in being in seven different leagues either. How do you even have time for that lmao.
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    This post killed me but ok for receivers this year I would say a couple of guys that will get over looked are Golden Tate and Brian Hartline. Hartline will be a nice pick with Miami having someone who can take the top of the defense off. Miami's line scares me though.

    As far as running backs go there could be a few surprises this year. I have already pointed out that I believe Larod Stephens-Howling will be the go to guy in Pittsburgh and he's finally behind a line that can run block. They also got Decastro back this season and he looks to be a beast. I hate saying this because my hate for the squeelers is so insane. This will be a surprise for many of you I think. The Patriots have always been a passing team with Brady and will stay that way but with how much their receiving core was decimated this offseason I just don't see the same success in that aspect of their game. Who does Brady have this year? Gronk who stays injured? Amendola who stays injured? So that leaves him with Edelman and Michael Jenkins. I wouldn't take any receiver on that team but who I would look at is their backfield which they will have to lean on. Steven Ridley might not be a huge sleeper but his production will boost and then you have Shane Vareen who will be one of the best third down and receiving backs in the league. Vereen has also shown his worth inside the 20.

    QB is a little bit tough. I'm with you on Locker being worth a shot though no bs. I honestly don't believe any other team in this league has the firepower that our offense possesses. All we need is a competent coordinator and a QB that knows to make the simple plays and not try to do to much. With eight games behind this offense I can see an offense that gels and puts over 30+ points again like we were in the beginning of 2010 before Kenny went down. If I had to choose a rookie QB the only one I could see flashing is EJ Manuel. I know some of you might knock him but he's not scared and makes good decisions. The only other name I would dare to throw out is Carson Palmer and that is because of two things. I see that defense giving him plenty of opportunities to put points on the board and the other guy, Fitz, who has been the most consistent receiver besides Calvin Johnson.

    I will think of more to post but that's just what's off the top of my head. I'm not participating in any leagues on the forum just with friends. What do you guys think?

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    I have real friends too, but none Titans fans. Its cool to be in a all Titans fans league, youre just jealous youre not in it
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    and yet Dallas Cowboy fans will still draft him
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    I would definitely pick Darius Reynaud if he's there in the first.
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    I could have joined lol. I remember when you guys were asking for more players. Get off my nuts dude.