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    A large contingent of Titans' players surprised season ticket holders throughout Nashville on Wednesday by hand-delivering jumbo-sized tickets along with other Titans' memorabilia, TitansOnline.com reported.

    WR Marc Mariani and LB Gerald McRath brought the tickets to Titans' fans C.J. and Tom Spraggins, a couple who have been loyal Oilers/Titans fans for more than three decades. The couple considered discontinuing their season tickets in Febuary when C.J. was placed on a transplant list after suffering from severe heart complications.

    Miraculously, C.J was on hte waiting list less than two months before receiving the transplant. Rejuvenated, C.J now has the energy to return to Titans' games this season. “I told C.J that's my motivation for camp,” McRath told TitansOnline.com. “There's always someone going through more than what you can imagine.” Veterans report on Friday While quarterbacks and rookies reported for camp on Tuesday, the remainder of the team will have until Friday to arrive for training camp.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Cool story but they picked two scrubs to deliver the tickets? Come on man...
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