Everyone should watch this Japanese movie called "Confessions".

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    It's not a household name in America yet so I feel it's worth a thread on its own in hoping to get more views and recognition. But yeah, this is honestly one of the most bizarre and brilliant movies I've ever seen. I definitely see it becoming a cult classic years down the road as it's still new and not that known outside of Japan yet.

    It's about a middle school teacher who's 6 year old daughter has died and while the police has ruled her death as an accident, she believes it was a murder and the people who are responsible are students in her class...

    It's a psychological thriller combined with art house elements and strong characterization, that goes deeper than the short synopsis above, by exploiting justice, obsession and the value of life. With the help of the creepy and mesmerizing performances, parallels, cinematography and score, when it's over, it leaves an impression of a hauntingly beautiful construction of a film.