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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by titans1839, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Fry

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    Lol at everyone thinking CJ Mosely is a top-ten pick.
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  2. titanswinnow

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    In every mock draft I have seen he is in the top ten or right on the edge. Its still early but he is a smart player and his preformance in the combine will either solidify him in the top ten or he will fall out of all top ten talk.
  3. Fry

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    I just don't see him make many impact plays. He seems a little overrated because he's a starting mlb for Alabama.

    And I asked this in another thread. Who has come from Alabama under Saban and lived up to their draft status? Julio Jones aaaaand that's it. The defenders have been especially awful.
  4. titanswinnow

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    Im not sure I can argue with that, but I looked up Alabama players in the NFL there are 35 of them and around 2/3 of that are players on the D end. I only counted 11 O players....
  5. 5tweezyPOT

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    of we lose out last two its possible we draft top 5 maybe even 3rd
  6. cdubbs2121

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    I know you guys talking all about the o-line and finishing the whole thing but honestly we invested heavily this offseason in it and I think we need to draft more PLAYMAKERS, someone who can make a difference at QB, LB, or DLine.
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  7. xpmar9x

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    Don't have to worry about that now. Great.
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  8. Soxcat

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    Totally agree but we should draft based on what value is available. If we can get a quality pass rusher or another DT that can play like Casey we should obviously jump all over that guy.

    As for LB I can't see any LB that early being the kind of guy that would be a difference maker unless it is an OLB hybrid rush guy who can get after the QB like Mingo was coming out last season. Mack and Barr are those kind of players. Also gives us another OLB along with Ayers if we wanted to transition to a 3-4.

    Hard to say if there is going to be a QB worth taking where we pick. Considering the situation with Locker obviosuly being around one more season it would have to be a guy they are really high on to use an early pick. Mettenburger later in the draft might be a reasonable choice. His ACL might actually be a blessing because he won't get drafted as early.

    Mettenberger is 6'5, 235 pounds and some projected him to be a 1st round pick. If he is still available for us in the 2nd I think we should take him. His ACL can heal while Locker attempts his 4th season. Even if Locker shines and becomes the franchise we can still get that pick back in a trade for Mettenberger later if he proves in a few years he can play.