Epic Troll Move

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by The Playmaker, Apr 16, 2013.

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    The problems with living in your parents basement. You're not up with the times.
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    want to be my pea-dough?
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    The one thing I disliked about the douches at the MMA forum (who mostly seem just as mentally challenged and dull) was that they were trying to get the guy in trouble... when the only thing he did wrong was text random numbers.

    And people said "well what if he uses that method on a minor?" - well, he asked for age SEVERAL times, then actually even asked for PROOF of age. He was clearly trying to make sure it wasn't a minor.

    Not only that, but he also shut down the 15 yr old "sister" or whatever. Then didn't respond to the young looking girl in the pedobear shirt.

    So I'd say... while he may do something wrong, and has in the past for certain- he didn't during that trolling.
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    Yeah he didn't do anything illegal but regardless he's still a creep and has a history. I don't agree with them trying to get a crime pinned on him no matter what all he was doing but this was deserved considering the amount of people he has texted and harassed.

    Also did anyone think it was creepy when they asked what's the craziest thing he's done with a girl and he said he's tied a girl up and blindfolded them? At the time I was like okay this guy is different but now think about it knowing he's gone to jail for basically showing his junk to young girls.
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    Sh*t got real after it turned out it he was a sex offender and I couldn't stop reading when they set up the meeting at Starbucks, actually lost like 4 hours of sleep because of that but then it gets boring, does anything interesting happen after he gets tipped off and tells everyone to leave him alone?
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    See, I'm in between feeling sorry for him and not. From what I gathered, he sent a video of him masturbating to an undercover cop posing as a 12 year old and did 15 months in jail.

    Doing that to someone you think is 12 years old is obviously sick, but as far as we know, he's never actually had sex with a minor before, went to jail, has to register as a sex offender and is now an internet celebrity for all the wrong reasons. I did feel bad for him after they got him to go to Starbucks and took pictures and recorded him.

    On the other hand, I have a hard time believing what he did with the 12 year old was a one time thing and he just happened to get caught the first time, it's more likely that kind of behavior is a regular thing and he finally got caught. And who says he's turning down minors now because he found jesus? How do we know he's only turning them down in fear of getting caught again since he's under supervision now. Do we know he wouldn't bang a 12 year old if he knew he wouldn't get caught? Given his level 10 creepy behavior via texts, it's hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    With all that being said, while I'm not defending him, I do believe he's been humiliated enough. 15 months in jail, registered sex offender, all his embarrassing pics are all over the internet.

    For being a creep and if indeed all he did with a minor was that one incident and if it truly was a one time mistake, I'd say his punishment has been enough. The MMA forum actually have a heart, this is far from over, imagine when it gets to 4chan, they're gonna make him kill himself.