Egboh earns some first-team repetitions

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    Titans coach Mike Munchak had plenty of good things to say about defensive end Pannel Egboh toward the end of last season, when Egboh was a member of the team’s practice squad.

    It looks like Egboh is continuing to make a strong impression on Munchak and the entire coaching staff this season, as the 6-6, 287-pounder earned some first-team repetitions at Thursday’s practice – subbing in at times for 2010 first-round pick Derrick Morgan.

    “We’ll roll guys a lot and see how guys respond with the first group,” Munchak said. “So it really doesn’t mean anything, other than we want to see how they respond when they get the opportunity to work with different players.

    “So you’ll see us doing that at times. You want to see how a guy fits in like Eggboh, who can pass rush well, and he’s a big guy.”

    Munchak said Egboh has shown some versatility.

    “We had him over the tight end yesterday and he did a pretty good job, then they were moving him inside and he was doing some three-technique,” Munchak said. “When you’re not starting, you have to find ways to make yourself more valuable and I think that’s what they’re trying to do with him.

    “We saw some good things in him last year and that’s why we kept him on the practice squad. He’s got a shot. He’s competing.”

    Does the fact Egboh has seen some first-team reps say anything about Morgan’s play?

    “He’s looked good. It’s nothing we’re concerned about,” Munchak said of Morgan. “He’s been rushing well on the edge.

    “Again, a lot of stuff here, we’re asking guys to pull back. I’m constantly reminding those guys we’re trying to get a great tempo. But on the other side, you’re telling guys to pull back because you don’t want them on the quarterback.”

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  2. Scarecrow

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    I have a feeling this guy makes the final 53

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    Ive only been saying he should for 11 months

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  4. xpmar9x

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    The guys huge, I def think he'll steal some PT... Especially if Morgan doesn't step it up.
  5. WV2SoCalTitan

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    Liked what I saw from him last pre season, glad to see hes getting reps,we need solid depth at de.

    JCBRAVE Enjoy it while it lasts Tip Jar Donor

    I hope he outplays Dave Ball, because I have a feeling Ball is going to get hurt and not be available at some point.
  7. CJtheBeast

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    Are him and Ball on the same side?
  8. ImATitan

    ImATitan Pro Bowler

    Yep, Egboh impressed us all last pre-season and I'm glad to see he stuck. He should definitely make the final 53!

    Morgan & Wimbley are starters.. Ball likely makes the team as well...Solomon also since he was a 7th round pick makes it.. Egboh makes it as the 5th DE, and gets more playing time than Solomon for sure.

    What will do at DT will be interesting.. Casey, Klug & Martin are roster locks obviously. Then you have Douzable, Marks, Smith, Clayton and camp bodies like Divens & Harris.

    Can't forget Sheppard & Dawson at DE either.

    If we take 9 DL, I say it's Morgan, Wimbley, Casey, Klug, Martin, Ball, Solomon, Egboh & Smith. But that would leave Divens, Douzable & Marks to be cut.
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    Defensive end Pannel Egboh didn’t necessarily expect to be getting first-team reps less than a week into training camp.

    But the 6-6, 287-pounder is all in favor of whatever might help him earn a spot on the team’s 53-man roster. Egboh was on the Titans’ practice squad last year, and spent time on the Houston and Philadelphia practice squads in 2009 and 2010.

    “Yeah, it’s been pretty exciting,” Egboh said of earning some time with the first-team defense. “After spending three years on practice squads, it’s a little surreal. But I just need to keep going and learn fast.”

    Coach Mike Munchak has been talking up Egboh’s ability as a defensive end ever since last year, and the Titans are adding a new wrinkle to Egboh’s game in training camp – seeing how he fares as an inside rusher in passing situations.

    “They’ve moved me inside to the three-technique (lining up on the outside shoulder of the guard) on passing downs, so it’s a little different for me because I’ve always played defensive end (in every situation),” Egboh said. “It’s going pretty well, honestly. But as far as playing defensive end, I’m more of a first-and-10, second-and-10 type guy who’s there to stop the run and then on passing downs move inside.”

    The 26 year-old Egboh actually feels best about his play against the run so far in camp, but says that pass-rushing specialist Keith Millard is helping improve Egboh’s ability to get after the quarterback.

    “He’s helping me learn quick because he was a great player and he really knows the art of pass-rushing,” Egboh said. “So everything he’s telling me, I’m consuming it and I’m really appreciative, really trying my hardest to get it down.”

    Source: Titans Insider
  10. ImATitan

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    If he can help stop the run, I'm ok with that but because we really struggled last year. If he's not a 'pass rush specialist' that's fine with me, leave that to Klug, Wimbley and hopefully Morgan.