Efficient Rosenfels had Texans ahead at half

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky HOUSTON - First-half observations from a tight game in the Texas heat, where Houston came back from 10-0 down to take a 17-10 lead.
    --Let the debate begin. Win or lose there will be a faction of fans who want the Texans to stay with Sage Rosenfels, who started after Matt Schaub spent Saturday night in a hospital with a viral infection.
    Rosenfels matched or surpassed Peyton Manning in the first half. Both played with efficiency.
    Rosenfels managed a touchdown drive just before the half very well, capping it with a nice five-yard strike to Andre Johnson. Rosenfels rolled hard right and hit Johnson moving left in the back of the end zone.
    He was the two things the Texans needs in a game like this - efficient with 11 completions in 14 attempts for 144 yards and a touchdown, and effective at finding Andre Johnson, Who's 98 receiving yards on seven first-half catches were the best first-half total of his career.
    --The aggressive Colts built their 10-0 lead on two drives spurred by fourth-down conversions.
    Joseph Addai converted fourth-and-one when Morlon Greenwood missed a tackle and Peyton Manning hit Reggie Wayne off of play action for a 36-yard gain. Cornerback Jacques Reeves was well-positioned, but never looked back. If he'd merely raised his arms he would have deflected the ball that fell perfectly into Wayne's arms.
    --Houston running back Ahman Green has actually looked pretty good cutting most of his carries inside the numbers. He's working as the second back behind Steve Slaton, and getting his first action since the opener. Not hurt yet either, from what we can tell.
    --The Texans are clearly focusing on limiting what Manning can do on the outside, so there has been a lot of room for people to get open in the middle of the field. Dallas Clark has 72 on just four catches working in that territory.
    --Pregame leftovers: Nice move by Colts owner Bob Irsay to chip in $50,000 to the Texans Helping Texans program for Hurricane Ike recovery in the region.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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