Earliest fantasy draft you've ever done

Discussion in 'Titan Cup/Fantasy Football' started by JCBRAVE, May 31, 2013.

  1. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow CEO of PPO Tip Jar Donor

    That is what I am going to do this year, if players are starting to get slim I might grab a defense 'early' but its just too flaky of a position to rely on.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Theres more than 12 worthy kickers in the NFL, so it's stupid to waste a good draft pick on a kicker.

    The difference from the best kicker to the 12th best kicker is only like 15 points
  3. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    I've always done them in mid August.
  4. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens


    Well, believe it or not if I had not dropped Blair Walsh last year during his bye, I would have won the championship rather than come in 3rd (in my primary league).

    Only reason I dropped him was because he was on a bye, and I hate having to hold onto two kickers. I'll probably just start going with no kicker for one week rather than dropping one.
  5. Alex1939

    Alex1939 Space Invaders Champion

    I've really been burned in the past by starting bad defenses.

    Last two years in my dynasty league I scored NEGATIVE D points for the first 2 and 3 weeks respectively.

    Hard to win when an opponent is scoring 20 to my -2 in D category. Of course our settings aren't standard.
  6. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Defense was my undoing last year as well. I had at least 5-6 weeks where my defense either scored at or below 0.

    I drafted Cincinnati in the second to last round. They got me 0 points in the first 3/4 weeks, so I dropped them. I picked up Dallas and they did more of the same, so I dropped them. I picked up Minnesota and they pulled the same sh*t, so I dropped them. Then I did a massive trade (because my bench was stacked) and acquired Chicago's defense along with others.

    As soon as I trade for Chicago, they get me 0 points against SF on that MNF game and all I needed was 2 points from them to win my matchup that week. From that point on, Chicago was completely useless.

    Classic RSB luck.
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  7. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    My defense strategy is kinda weird this season. I hate having bad defenses and losing close games.
  8. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    Yea, but even if you draft an elite defense early, there's a good chance they'll screw you over and leave you with goose eggs.

    I might just look at what team has the most favorable schedule and roll with them.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    If you can get a D that gets you 10 points a week, youre good there.

    I'd say theres about 5 of those types of defenses.

    Personally I'd prefer to focus on getting players that can get the same points and some.
  10. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Finished my deep draft tonight, some surprising picks happened.. Here's what I came away with. Pick 6 of 8.

    Round Player Position Team
    1 Doug Martin RB Buccaneers (5)
    2 Marshawn Lynch RB Seahawks (12)
    3 Calvin Johnson WR Lions (9)
    4 Stevan Ridley RB Patriots (10)
    5 Robert Griffin III QB Redskins (5)
    6 Vincent Jackson WR Buccaneers (5)
    7 Jordy Nelson WR Packers (4)
    8 Tony Gonzalez TE Falcons (6)
    9 Johnathan Franklin RB Packers (4)
    10 Lamar Miller RB Dolphins (6)
    11 Russell Wilson QB Seahawks (12)
    12 Chicago Bears D/ST Bears (8)
    13 Shane Vereen RB Patriots (10)
    14 Pierre Garcon WR Redskins (5)
    15 Cecil Shorts WR Jaguars (9)
    16 Josh Gordon WR Browns (10)
    17 E.J. Manuel QB Bills (12)
    18 Denard Robinson RB Jaguars (9)
    19 Aaron Dobson WR Patriots (10)
    20 Greg Zuerlein K Rams (11)
    21 Ben Tate RB Texans (8)
    22 Arizona Cardinals D/ST Cardinals (9)
    23 Coby Fleener TE Colts (8)
    24 James Casey TE Eagles (12)

    I went high stakes on a few positions and hopefully pays off. This leagues starts 1 qb, 3 rb, 3 WR, 2 te, 1 k, 2 def. 1 flex (rb/WR/te).
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