Drafting based on production vs potential

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TheSureThing, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Drafting is a tough art. Having a stable philosophy in what type of player works for your system is very important. Those teams that you listed have a pretty stable front office with a track record of picking players that work well in their system.

    Personally I would much rather draft a player with solid production than a guy who has the physical tools but no production. To me that guy is either lazy or dumb, because if you have the tools you should be producing.
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    College production should count for more but not as much as potential. How about the Michigan RB's in Mike Hart and Javon Ringer who hold Big 10 records? How about the former QB from Texas Tech Harrell or that QB from Hawaii? The bad examples go both ways, in reality you never know what you're going to get but you try and put yourself in a position to achieve the most with a certain player. If a coach believes he can turn a prospect into a very good player then you go with him. More often than not it doesn't work out but it's not all just because we usually draft on potential.

    It does seem like we draft more for potential than production so I would like to use some picks on guys we know what have done well at the college level. This coaching staff also doesn't take a whole lot of risks in the draft, a very safe strategy is being used. I don't think in the 2 years so far we've drafted anyone with character issues or off the field issues, which is nice but no one is perfect and now you see the Rams winning because of Janoris Jenkins or the Seahawks shocking a lot of people and going with Bruce Irvin. We need some game changers, not solid players.
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    Its one thing to scout, it's another thing to have elite coaches developing your players. Something that all of these teams have and we do not.
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    Are you really trying to say New England made it to a Super Bowl because of Floyd Reese?
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    I think MAJOR college production is a big thing as opposed to small school or weak conference production. The guy the team really misses is Glen Cumby, the best scout we had but died some number of years ago of a heart attack I believe, and only around 50 at the time. The team has never really found a decent replacement for him.
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    I'd gladly quit my job to become a scout for the Titans.
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