Draft Strategy for Day 2

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. mike75

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    Exactly what i'm hoping and i had both Patton and Rambo as my third round picks in our final mock draft.
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  2. M13

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  3. Inaccurate Passer

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    Barkley or Smith if they fall that far
  4. Brew City

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    Really hoping for Patton in the 3rd.
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  5. Gut

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    My areas of need for the Titans...

    DE - Didn't get the hoped for pass rush from Morgan and Wiimbley. Need talent and youth.
    DT - can always add depth, might have starters already.
    MLB - McCarthy has been hurt and it has killed our run D. Might need a new starter.
    CB - we will see if the Titans go for value and go cb in rnd 2 or only need a nickel (rnd 3 or 4).
    S - think we might need a new FS even though Griff can't be dumped this year if he plays poorly. Signed 2 guys who can play SS.

    OL - both tackles coming off injury and nearing end of contract. Guards are set but who's playing OC...several choices now.
    TE - not a lot of comfort past Walker but the depth could develop.
    WR - have a lot of guys...some could be cut or won't be here past this season so could look for a next year starter this year.

    I think the Titans can go a few directions in round 2. First, there is a ton of talent at CB in this round. So much so that the Titans could trade back 5 spots and still get a similar value CB. We also have pass rush as a major need so Moore and Carradine could be targets. Could also perhaps slot Jaime Collins into that conversation (similar size to Moore). Personally I think FS is a major need as well though you could see them not spending such a high pick when they just resigned Griff. Could also grab a SS to groom behind Pollard/Wilson as they are short term fixes. I don't love any OC in round 2. If they are planning on letting one of our OT's go after the season, this would be a spot to draft a replacement. WR poses some interesting options and like CB, will show what they are thinking with our current roster of players. If they go for a Justin Hunter, Britt is likely gone after this season. If they go for a more ready for primetime guy like Allen, we could see Washington cut. Could also wait for round 3-4 to get someone to develop or a burner for a different dynamic. Or, go for a guy like Ertz to partner with Walker to create mismatches on the field. Lastly, I'm quite concerned about our MLB spot. We don't have dependable depth behind Colin and he gets exposed in man coverage.

    So what to do? I'd go with 2 options. First, if I stay where I am in rnd 2, I'd attempt to trade picks in rnds 4-7 for another mid-3rd. There are a few pick-needy teams (like the Jets) that might wanna make that move. The other option is to move down about 5 spots in rnd 2 to get another 3rd. Use that and pick at 70 to get back into the bottom of round 2. Again, attempt to trade the rest of our draft for another 3rd. In option 1, we end up with a 2nd and 3 3rd's. Option 2 gives us 2 2nd's and 2 3rds.

    Due to the need for this FO to win now, I don't see them taking too many developmental guys. They want plug and play guys so I don't think you'll see a guy like Justin Hunter for instance.

    Some possible ideal results could be...
    rnd 2 DE Damontre Moore or Carradine
    rnd 3 CB Tyrann Mathieu, any falling cb
    rnd 3 FS Phillip Thomas, Rambo, Swearinger
    rnd 3 MLB Kevin Minter, Teo, Alonzo, Reddick, Brown, Bostic

    Moore and Carradine are first round players but fell for different reasons. moore has really good tape but a bad 40. Carradine was hurt but should be a productive player. Mathieu is the biggest playmaker at CB in the entire draft but also has the most risk. For a team that desperately needs a big time playmaker in the defensive secondary, it's a gamble worth taking if you only have 1 year to get it together. With so many talented CB's though, 1 or 2 will likely fall into round 3. Additionally, if you only need a nickel, a slower CB like Poyer could fit the bill. If we stay with a heavier zone concept, banks speed deficiency won't hurt him as much. At FS, P.Thomas is the best centerfielder and ballhawk. Would love to get him but Cyprien is the best overall S still on the board. I like Minter a bit better than Teo but hard to go wrong with any of these guys. Keep an eye on Marquise Goodwin...you can't teach that kind of speed!!!

    Could definitely take a LONG look at Keenan Allen (bigger WR who can BLOCK and play right away with some size) in rnd 2.

    If the Titans want to win now, I think they need to get starters and be aggressive in moving up. Not gonna get too many starters in rounds 4-7 in year one which is what the current Coaching staff has...one year.

    Realistically, the Titans tend to stay where they are. If they do, they can take the bpa who can play one of their need positions or a developmental one at an important position they might need after this season (CB, S, WR, OT, OC).

    Theoretically, Locker should have a dependable running game to keep him in 3rd and short or medium and if his WR's all stay healthy (and some are playing for another contract), he's got enough talent to put points on the board. The defense is another story. Not enough pass rush, unsound run defense, poor S play...need some significant help. Maybe Hill can start and give us some beef, maybe Griff returns to Por Bowl form, maybe McCarthy doesn't get hurt, maybe our DE's play to their potential....

    That's a LOT of MAYBE's!!! Coulod grab a WR, but in general, expect a lot of DEFENSE!!!

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  6. GoT

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    took me a while but an excellent read and another quality Gut post
  7. Carp

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    I totally forgot about Moore. He was a lock for Top 10 pick before his poor showing at the Combine.

    My top 5 right now are:


    In that order
  8. JiminyBillyBob

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  9. satkins2252

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    2. Alex Okafor, DE
    3. Darius Slay, CB
    3. Ryan Swope, WR
  10. Carp

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    This is true about the QB's. It's almost a lock that the bills will take Nassib if he's there. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Jags take Geno.
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