Draft Day is finally here!!!!!! Final Get Your Picks In!

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    Its easy. Lo-tu-le-lei
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    I'm a big BPA believer especially with early picks, but given what is projected to possibly be there...

    1. CB (Milliner) - OT/OG (Fluker)
    2. DE (Carradine) - CB (Hayden) (with a late push it would seem that neither of these guys will be there in the second... that means someone else will fall to 8... take that guy)
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    I'd be THRILLED with either of those guys in the 2nd.
  4. TitansWillWin2

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    The titans never go with what ppl think they will. So i'm betting we draft CB rhodes with the 10th pick!
  5. Big Time Titan

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    With the 10th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans select Desmond Trufant!
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    I get a weird feeling we're going Rhodes or Trufant.

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    1st-Milliner, Star
    2nd-Carradine, Warford

    However I really dont think neither CB or DT is a big need right now compared to OG and DE. I would also be happy with Cooper in the first round than going either corner or defensive end in the second. It is really hard to narrow it down to just 4.
  8. lilkhmerkid4u

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    Sharrif Floyd - DL - Player
    NFL Draft insider Tony Pauline reports the Raiders are now "unlikely" to draft Florida DT Sharrif Floyd, even if they stay put at No. 3.
    One source close to the situation insisted "the mock draft community is overrating Sharrif Floyd." Pauline believes Floyd could now slip to the Titans at No. 10. We've had a sneaking suspicion all along Floyd might last on the board later than people expect. While he has great ability, Floyd's college production was below average and he is a one-scheme player limited to 4-3 defenses.
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    So why is Milliner rated ahead of all of them?
  10. The Playmaker

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    Because it's the trend, the popular pick. Does anyone really expect these guys to break down a lot of tape on every prospect? Okay I've watched Milliner a lot over the past couple of years and let me go ahead and break down his game. In the games that he's struggled in, it was actually a good passing attack. Yeah he's a shut down CB, but hardly ever has Bama faced a top passing attack. Bama CB's usually struggle their first couple of years because of the back peddle issue and the talent they had around them in college. Now that they have to hold their own it usually means an adjustment. Milliner is a big and physical guy but he has a tendency to get burned but has nice recovery time, makes me skeptical against NFL WR's. He's a bit injury prone. I thought Dre Kirk was just as good and we went like 18ish last year. He's a good CB but not a top 10 talent. He also got away with a lot of physical contact, he'll have to adjust his style of play at the next level. Put it this way, all of my friends still kind of laugh that he's considered a top 10 pick. Teams fall in love with measurables, the name, and where they played.

    Rhodes is the best press CB in this draft, he needs to develop a few more areas of his game so he won't be a guy you can write in pen will be a starter day 1 but he'll get there. When matched up against the better passing teams he held his own, and even dominated at times. He did give up some plays but it was about equal to Milliner whenever he faced a decent team through the air.

    Trufant is the most NFL ready guy. Can play any style and line up almost anywhere and has the NFL bloodlines. Underrated against the press, covered the guys at the senior bowl like a blanket. Not projected a top half pick but I would take him and he's a guy that would start from day 1.