Does Munch Have The Guts To Fire an Old Friend? (OL)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. TitanJeff

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    Right. Bud doesn't fire the position coaches. They just are usually collateral damage.

    Lots of the coaches were at the end of contracts and not asked to return. Besides Lowry, I don't recall any who stayed with Munch.
  2. Fry

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    By the time the whole Fisher vs VY and Bud vs Fisher thing played out it was early February and a lot of the other head coaching vacancies were filled, meaning a lot of the top candidates already had jobs. The organization thought it would be in the best interest of the team to promote from within given the lockout and abbreviated offseason.

    That whole situation ****ed us for probably five years.
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  3. JR1980

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    I liked the way our D played yesterday, and at least they started spreading CJ out and throwing to him more often...but man, the coaching is so bad. What do you guys think? New coaches next year? Locker back? CJ?
  4. The Hammer

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    1. New coaches? Williams is good. All others are suspect. OC and OL coaches should be on the hot seat.
    2. Locker back yes
    3. :cj:probably not back given how much he makes and how little he produces
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  5. Brew City

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    Locker should definitely be back. I'm fine moving on without CJ if he's going to be wasted behind this oline. I still think he's a very good player, but don't want to pay him for being tackled behind the LoS.
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    Could be. Coaching isn't an exact science and even if a bucket step in principle is the same for everybody you can actually coach it in different ways. The same is true with hand placement etc. It's one of the things I always find fascinating when I'm with our national team, because although many of the techniques are fundamentally the same, the national team coach and I always have small difference and emphasis points.

    And if you have guys who've been doing one thing for many years (and done it well) and now you ask them to change? That's not easy.
  7. Anthony4Titans

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    Bud Adams doesn't clean house. He just promotes mediocre staff to a higher position.
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    Sad but true
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    I'm surprised to hear you with this logic TJ. (and to answer your question- I'd blame the OL- uhh that would be matthews unit btw)

    Are you suggesting that coaching doesn't reflect performance of ANY player whether it is an improvement or a decline? Because that logically is exactly the direction you are taking that line of reasoning.

    Of course a position coach is RESPONSIBLE for the unit or team's performance that he is coaching. To suggest otherwise is insane. You and I have gone round and round before with this type of argument. You can excuse Bruce Matthews all you want TJ, but it is HIS unit that has had the most money put in it recently and his unit that is without doubt the worst performing unit. Warmack and Levitre were performing fine at their last stops. Matthews can't say the same thing about himself as an OL coach.
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    Understood. But you have, in the case of Levitre (since I'm saying Turner is just not very good and Warmack is a rookie) a guy who has had numerous coaches over the years. Do you actually think a guy of his experience needs technical instruction? He probably can view film and see exactly what he's doing right and wrong with his hands, feet position, etc. and correct his own mistakes.

    I can't believe any of you guys would think Bruce wouldn't be in the film room watching the same plays and not pointing out flaws if he thinks the player isn't understanding the problem.

    What I think is happening is you have a guy who is occasionally being beaten as every player does. We knew he was a better pass blocker than run. When he makes mistakes, I guarantee you Levitre blames himself and not Bruce for not sharing some kind of insight to make him a better blocker.
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