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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. jdee

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    Unfortunately, the jury's still out on Brown. He's not played a long enough stretch to evaluate his impact on the team. It's tough to evaluate him this year because we were in catch up mode so early in many games we had to abandon the run. He's certainly not proven he can be durable.

  2. Soxcat

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    I can't speak for the coaches or Reese but I would bet they have a much higher rating on Brown than many on this board do. Saying we would try to go with Henry and Nash is almost laughable. Henry certainly didn't prove his durability last year and missed 4 games with a drug suspention. I would like to see Henry come back if he can be brought back cheap. Nash hasn't proven anything and had mental and physical problems last year. On top of that this assumption any Tom, Dick or Harry we grab off the street is going to be better and more durable is non-sense. If you don't like brown fine but come up with a better solution than dumping Brown for a 3rd round pick and going with Henry and Nash. Doing that would put RB as an extreme priority in this draft and this year there is a pretty good drop off after the 4 guys that will go in the 1st round. And NO, bringing back EG is not an option. I would rather have Antowain Smith back.
  3. maximus

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    There is no way that the FO goes with just Nash and Henry. Henry is one strike away from being suspended for a year and Nash is 5th round pick that showed potential in the Jacksonville game.
    It will be Brown and Henry in the backfield this year(unless we draft Bush, trade down and draft DeAngelo)
  4. fitantitans

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    Eddie could be brought back as a sports caster, but that's it. His football career is done.
    I am laughing, I WOULD take Henry and Nash over Brown. As someone said, "The jury is still out on Brown". Why? The jury should be in. How long are you planning to wait? Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-Brown, but I am pro-winning. I want the Titans to go with the best RBs we can get or afford.
    How about Reggie Bush as any "Tom, Dick or Harry off the street to replace Brown"? The draft isn't until April. No guarantee who takes him until that time. Accually, that other running back from Texas, White (?), either would be nice.
    Not only is Brown a bull in the China shop, he is costing us money. He would make a good 2nd behind a feature back at a cheaper price. Kinda put him in the same category as Drew Bennett. He's a great #2, but no where close to a #1.
    Let me ask you something else, If Bush and one of the 2 top QBs falls to 3rd, which do you feel the Titans would take? The QB or the RB?
  5. Puck

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    Eddie really screwed up by not staying here
  6. Soxcat

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    Brown has played two years and has almost 2000 yards rushing in those two years despite missing time with injury. Yet you want to keep Henry, one game away from a drug suspension who has a total of 670 yards rushing over the last two years and his backup would be a guy we don't even know is NFL backup material.
    And you call that pro-winning?

    If Bush is available he will be a Titan not because Brown isn't good but because Bush is the highest rated prospect to come out in the last 1000 years. More than likely we will not have a chance at Bush anyway.
  7. fitantitans

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    I think I look into the future more than others do. Brown will not make it as a featured back, he's too injury prone. Why hang onto something that you know will not get you to where you are going? There are not too many people that believe that Browns contract will not be extended after this season, if it is, it'll be cheap. Brown knows that this is a Do or Die year for him, and so does the FO. I don't think they are going to be willing to invest much money in him. Too many times I've heard, "Let's keep him, maybe he'll improve next year" or "he's the best we've got (Drew)". That thinking won us 4 games last year.
    And about Henry's drug problem. Who knew he had a drug problem when we signed him? I surely didn't and I'm willing to bet not too many people did know. The FO knew, they had too. We know now because he got into trouble again. We are only a traffic stop or a Channel 4 News cast away from loosing more than Henry. If you think Henry is the only one with a skeleton hangin around the closet, talk to Samari Rolle, McNair or Hopkins.
    But any way, this is going to be one draft worth focusing on. QB and RB is not the only problems we face. I've heard talk about LBs being selected. I'm surprised nothing has been said about our receiver corps. Or are they planning to handle that with FAs, who knows. It'll be interesting. I do know that the Titans organization can not afford to 'Suck' very long. Their fan base is already starting to shake. As for me, my PSL will go up for sell when my name appears in the obituaries!
  8. Brian

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    In Eddie's prime, he was his own FB.
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    Who is this durable back that you want for the titans? There are 2 guys in nfl history as durable as eddie. Jim brown and walter payton. Want us to pick up one of them? I hope you don't consider travis henry one of those durable backs though he didn't miss one single drug suspension game to injury.:sad2: Bravo henry. Despite that 4 week vacation away from taking as hit travis still missed a couple of games with injury. Good thing we didn't really need him.

    You like travis henry. You want to pay his salary? He gets a $4M bonus and counts $2.1M against the cap. Brown has no bonus coming and counts only $605,000. You don't think that matters?

    The drug issue with henry is a simple one. He can't help the team if he isn't allowed to play. Personallly i could care less if travis likes to smoke a little weed now and then.

    As for how the two players perform on the field you have to give the edge to brown. Both had identical yards per carry this year so henry couldn't out perform this supposed broken body of brown. And you have to take brown in the passing game. You are aware that brown rushed for 150 more yards this year than henry has rushed the last 2 years.

    Well that's my complete analysis which i'm sure can't compete with the superficial analysis of so many on this board. The bottom line is that chris brown is at worst a very solid backup RB and since his paycheck is actually less than what we once paid robert holcombe to back up eddie george it is beyond normal reason that he wouldn't make the team. Brown should be very motivated in 2006 since this is his last year of his contract. I assume that chow will try to find more ways to get him the ball in the passing game. 2006 could be brown's best year yet.
  10. fitantitans

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    QUOTE; You like travis henry. You want to pay his salary? He gets a $4M bonus and counts $2.1M against the cap. Brown has no bonus coming and counts only $605,000. You don't think that matters?

    They don't plan to give Henry that money about as much as they plan to give McNair 50 mil. Travis will be released and <u>possibly</u> resigned. To what kind of a deal, don't know, but if it happens, it'll be cheap.
    I was asked my opinion, I gave it.
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