Deandre hopkins and other 2nd rd Wrs..

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Wait a second. You have a junior WR, Woods who had over 100 catches the previous year and his production is basically doubled by a younger guy the next season. That bothers me.

    With all the attention on Hill the 2nd half the of the year why did Woods only average 11 yards a catch?

    Yes he ran a 4.42 40 but he could not crack a 7.00 cone.

    Not saying he is a horrible prospect at 39 not at all i ust prefer some other guys more.
    One nfl network mock has him going to the pats in the first rd.
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    This article should address a lot of your concerns.

    No matter how good your are your production will drop if they stop throwing you the ball and start targeting someone else, even if they have to force him the ball. What was Woods supposed to do? Be a Primadonna and start complaining about not getting enough touches/targets? What would people be saying about him then? And the guy who they threw to wasn't just some random sophomore, he won the Biletnikoff, no shame in losing targets to him.
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    I'm all with you, Hunter or Hopkins at 39!
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    I think there might be a little run on WRs in the 2nd round. Austin and Patterson are locks in the 1st but neither could merit a top half of the 1st pick. So the question would be how any WRs will go in the 2nd half of the 1st round. Patterson, Austin and Allen make sense to be off the board but Hunter or Hopkins is most likely gonig to be there for our pick. Woods is a comparable player to those guys IMO if we settle for him. Terrance Williams might be worth consideration as well.
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    I'm thinking Da'Rick in the 3rd. We need an O-lineman and defensive playmaker with our first two picks. Even though Kenny is all but gone after this year, we still have him for this year and I'd rank WR as our 4th biggest need behind G, D-line, DB.

    But, there could be a steal out there, maybe Da'Rick Rogers in the 3rd. Perfect slot WR, which is what the front office has been looking for. Has baggage, but that's the only reason he falls that far to begin with. 1st round talent.
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    So your plan is to replace Kenny Britt with a WR with questionable character and drug issues. Brilliant.
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    Titans are starting to draft higher character guys, anyone that had a problem in college probably isn't a guy we're really interested in. Like Mathieu and Rogers.
  8. RollTide

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    If Rodgers is sitting there in the 4th rd when we pick we will take him. And since we will have already drafted Hunter at 39 that gives us a UT orange attack! But with a running game.
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    Da'Rick is anything but a slot WR.
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    Um, he played pretty much every WR position, including the slot. Was probably best there IMO.

    Not a UT fan eh?