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  1. I completely disagree. Andre had 3 bad games last year and if you can disprove this do so... Colts, St. Louis, Colts (the whole team sucked in second Colts game - everybody). He had 4 standout games, but unfortunately they only won 2 of them..... Baltimore (spectacular- 2 incredibly hard hits that made you just got jacked up - one on Jamal Lewis - forced a fumble and the other on Todd Heap - a Poster now- he gave Mason Fits - check the GoTitans Photos), Arizona (team lost, Andre got hurt in late 3rd qtr, but in 2nd and 3rd qtr alone, 5 tackles, 3 pass defenses and he held Larry Fitzgerald to 7 net yards - after he departed late 3rd qtr - Fitz had 72 yards and 2 TDs), Miami (locked down the slot receivers the entire second half - no attempts to or completions - of course), Jags (last game of year - 9 tackles - 7 on Running backs that had broke away from linemen or linebackers). Pittsburgh was a bad game for the team stopping Willie Parker, but a good Pass defense game for Andre - everyone was terrible vs Parker running). The big problem overall was the highlights of Marvin doing Andre in and Torre Holt doing the same. .... That is my honest take on his season.... The injury thing is really his major problem, although the first two injuries were just rotten luck, being they were both inflicted by Titans divinig into tackle pile-ups late.
  2. Your seriously mistaken that he is awful, but he will have a good to great camp, then you can Sledge your way back with some accolades.... Check my last post and go back to the play by play and recaps of all those games I mentioned. If you're a good little Sledgey, I can mail you copies of the videos.... I do have them, but seriously, that is an LOL on the mailing
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  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    :coltssuk: :ravens:This comes as a bit of a shock.
    :jagsbite: :bs:No support from his Uncle?

    Can not pull for a Redskins team with Andre on it? wow.

    I understand the Raiders and Cheifs more...
    Colts is pretty obvious from a Denver perspective.

    You would root against Andre if he were a Colt?
    Meaning you would root on Andre's former team, the Titans, if Andre were somehow to end up in Indianapolis. Is that what you are saying?
  5. Long movie huh....[​IMG]
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    Yeah, but I'm on the edge of my seat!
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    good for you to have them, but one piece of advice: if you intend on recording games so you can keep em for a few years, go DVD

    look, i have nothing against woolfolk, i hope he really has a great camp and starts in week 1, cuz that'll mean he's done real good, but i just have memories of missed tackles and him getting constantly beaten down the field that i just can't get out.
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    You forgot Arnaz Battle.

  9. Well it only happened once in the last 5 games he played, and he did quite a few good things in those games (the one burn downfield and actually it was a missed tackle on Marvin Harrison, because he wasn't the one holding him... actually he tackled him but Harrison did a better job of stretching out with the ball toward the endzone than Dyson did in 2000. You just proved what I said, when the team loses, nobody cares who had a good game, so I am quite sure you never noticed his good moments. Those good games I mentioned were all last season (4 of them late season games) and they are the vivid moments I remember. Like I said, and this should end all of this back and forth gibberish.... Andre will challenge for the spot during camp. If he succeeds its good for the team. If he doesn't succeed in regaining the spot but pushes Hill to the brink, it is still good because it means they both are playing at a high level.... So past criticism, skepticism, looking at only the bad, my looking at only the good, midline people looking at both, however people want to look at it is irrelevant. The only relevance is here and now... Mini Camp, Camp, Pre-Season, Season.... So for me, I can save it for my coming cheers, for any of you negative people your negative jeers..... Like I said earlier, I simply hope the Titans are a successful team because everyone will benefit from it.... Everybody...... If you or anybody has a problem with that line of thinking then you are truly a fake fan.
  10. My previous post applies to you as well, especially you. To want to see people do bad on a team is tacky. I have more than enough times written my wishes for everyone on the Titans to play well... What about you. Answer the question straight up .... Nip this in the bud. Do you wish to see every Titan whenever they are on the field to play well. Even Andre???? Will you cheer for him to play good defense when you see him. I will cheer for whomever to play well as all real fans will. You can answer this straight up like true straight up everyday man or evasively like an everyday congressman..... Out
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