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  2. oh, I think you forgot to use your book buddy, it might help. Here you go again, try to hold on to it this time:

  3. Sledge

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    all i care about is that fisher said a guy who has played one game in his career and has only recently learned to walk again is his nickel corner. when a coach loses confidence in you, i don't care what your uncle say, you're dead meat
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    Uncle man... you are my good friend... however... Andre winning a starting CB job straight up is what it will take. A starting nickle job will not silence Andre's critics here... Not to mention the level of play that must be maintained to retain that job (let's face it, there is competition)... Also, you had better hope that Pacman does not run afoul and end up suspended or otherwise in the doghouse... because then people would say stuff like : "if Pacman could play, yada, yada, yada..." I don't see any way for Andre to become the #1 corner by week one. I could see him somehow taking Reynaldo's spot and making Reynaldo the nickle man... That might be unlikely... but it CAN happen... Odds are Andre will turn in alot of very solid starts at NB. He would, and may really make a showing there and then take over a corner position. I hope for the best and above all, where ever he plays and regardless for how long... I want him to remain injury free. That has been the worst thing about watching him since he came out. He had so much promise and all he has been handed is adversity. I for one hope he overcomes the adversity and makes some bigtime plays that help win ballgames. I do wonder why some never seem to tire of criticizing him.
  5. :suspect:
    Hey, nobody cares what any of us say.... This is a message board. That is why I said the performance that happens in camp and pre-season will make the difference. Fisher has not officially said that Fuller is the starting nickel. He was getting more reps at nickel in minicamp so far... Now I do have it from a reliable source that was there, but I won't reveal that. There has been no official release from the team (source), but just from visual, things that were said were said. Now if you haven't had any reps in a year, you need a lot of them.... you think.....
  6. People had to point somewhere for the teams total dismal performances last year. The entire team had problems minus maybe KVB and then Bulluck 85% of the time... Every other position was scrutinized, but some people just love to yell out names, so Andre was put out there.... When he played good, people didn't say a word. That is why I overemphasized when he did. The battle to beat out anybody is going to be hard, but I know him and how incredibly hard of a fighter he is. A case in point is the fact that he can come back after devastating injuries and continue to play. The guy has hd his ankle repaired with screws and his wrist repaired and held together with screws. There have been many players that just didn't make it back after surgeries and many that have. I am glad he was one that did and I know he will fight to make the best of it. He has had to fight hard since high school and that is how I know what kind of determination and fighting spirit he has(wanted to stay in state at CU or CSU, both said too small - so went to OU full paid scholarship - OU was 4-7 then - by soph year - national champs and he was starting WR and back up CB) . He has ability and athleticism to do it. Only time will tell and nothing Brian, Sox, Jeff, JWill, Gunny, Bulluck4dMVP, You, Me or anybody says on this board will make a hill of beans...... only the performances of the players will and I hope Andre, Hill, Fuller, PacMan, the new guy, everybody performs well because.... Successful play will make every single one of them winners.....
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    woolfolk is horrible! get rid of him.
  8. Hey you guys have a new friend....., but uuhhhh Rookie, who are you?????

    Didn't your mother teach you to wait until you are given permission to speak to open your trap. What, your friends are cheering for your little sly insult....what, what...


    Stay out of grown folks business

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    sweet i got a mention.:nana2:
  10. Music City Miracle

    The Music City Miracle Game is playing on NFL Network Right Now!!!! Yeahhhh!!!

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