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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by mike75, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I would be completely okay with Tennessee taking Patterson at 10 and here is why:

    -He is an absolute FREAK of nature with the ball in his hands. While his route running may not be there quite yet, his hands are superb, and a staff of professional coaches could turn him into a good route runner. (Coaching is their job, and who better to coach than a mature young man with ludicrous amounts of talent.

    -Drafting a Guard of a Safety is much less of a need than it was a month ago. After signing George Wilson, Andy Levitre, and Rob Turner, our O-Line has been solidified. While some additional depth is needed, we have four great starting caliber lineman. This year's draft has great depth at the O-line. We can draft a good guard early in the second round, and let him compete for the job against Turner. Griffin and Wilson will be starting safeties, and we're even looking to bring in a third, whether it be Pollard or Huff. We will likely also draft one in the mid rounds, and we have Martin, who is still considered a steal. I don't see us taking a safety at 10.

    -We need weapons on offense. When looking at the problems of the 2012 Titans most people point out the defense. But the offense lacked production for much of the season. Chris Johnson had his games where he was totally bottled up. Locker had problems finding receivers, and our O-line did a terrible job blocking. In short, we could not sustain a drive to save our lives, resulting in our defense being on the field a lot. That is never a winning resume.

    What weapons do we have for Locker? We just lost Cook, and we don't know how Walker will do in his place. Washington is expensive for the limited production he gives us, so he could be traded or cut. If retained, he is solid, but absolutely no game changer. Britt is going into his contract year, and is one police incident or one more injury away from being cut. Wright is a career slot receiver. We have to be able to sustain drives next season, or we're looking at 6-8 wins yet again.

    There is decent depth at WR in this draft, and I really hope we take one in the first two rounds.. at the very least, get a Da'rick Rogers type guy with one of our thirds. I don't want us to turn into the Lions drafting all these WRs, but I honestly believe it may be what we need MOST right now. More realistically I still see us calling a guard, possibly even a defensive end, but I would be pleasantly surprised if we call CP at 10. If he makes it to 10, I promise you he won't make it much further.
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