Cordarrelle Patterson

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by mike75, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Like Brad Smith? He can do it all, too.
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    I hope we end up drafting Dee Milner. That kid is physical, and has great coverage skills. I think he could be a great one.
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    I see what you're saying, but I think it would be a great move to have him at RG and then when Levtire moves on or whatever you just slide Warmack over to the left. I promise you Warmack will be playing quickly no matter where he ends up though.
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    No, just forget about this guy. I'm a Vols fan and i would rather have Zach Rogers than this guy, Justin Hunter will make a solid pro, but I have a feeling Rogers is going to have the best NFL career of the 3
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    ???? Uh yeah right dude. You must have only watched one game and it would have been the South Carolina game if you think Rogers will be the best. Rogers will be productive if he is drafted by the Pats or Broncos but I don't see him producing that much if it's another team
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    I watched every game, and i know some players on the team. According to them Patterson is as dumb as a rock, and rogers can play. You might think he's not very fast, but he runs a 4.4 and is a very smart player. Patterson will have the worst career of the 3, hunter will be a good pro, but not great, same with rogers. The reason I would rather have rogers is he'll be a 6th round pick, so we could get better talent at other positions earlier.
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    If it had a WR in Rd.1 I would go with Austin.
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    Why would Levitre have to play RG and why wouldn't Warmack not play now? Changing sides is not that big of a deal at all. If we draft Warmack he would play RG. So? Warmack 2X better than our RG last year.

    Not making any sense there.
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    Can anybody honestly make a case for why Patterson is a better prospect than Hunter? Or why should we use a 10th on Patterson when we can get hunter with the 39th pick?

    Hunter and Patterson had the same 40 times basically. Hunter had the better vertical and broad jump. Hunter certainly had the better numbers catching 30 more passes despite coming off of knee surgery.

    I would argue that they are comparable as prospects with hunter being under valkued and Patterson over rated.

    I consider them both to be in the 20-25 range in the draft.
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    No Wr is worth the 10th pick!

    Austin and Patterson were not even the best WRs on their college teams. Allen is coming off a knee injury and could not work out in the combine.

    None of these guys are worth a 10th pick period!

    Then you look at the value that will likely be there at 39 with guys like Hunter(pretty please!) and Hopkins and perhaps Patton it is an easy no brainer situation.

    Hunter is exactly what we need. A deep threat who looks like Randy moss going up to get the ball. We don't need another screen and reverse guy and we have 2 good return guys under contract.