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    cowardly zero
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    !st off I never said that Fisher was being too 'conservative' with the Rams. And its not like ranking 17th in pass attempts means he has changed at all ... in 2004 and 2005 the Titans were ranked #2 and #4 in pass attempts. Fisher will try to throw the ball if he thinks it will work. Its just he had KFC and VY here for his last 5 years and didn't trust them to pass.

    I was just saying he is making the same moves (like brining in past Titans players/coaches) and making the same mistakes like over paying for Cook (this time overpaying in $$$ instead of overpaying with picks) ... and what's funny is, its not like he is making similar moves/mistakes to what he did in TN ... he is making it with the exact same players. I guess I just thought that Fisher would come in completely refreshed and start from scratch when he came back into the NFL. Instead he is building the same mediocre team he had here.
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    only the unsure write in small letters
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    No, only the people that finish writing posts in their email cause their boss comes in and they want to appear to be working, but don't want to stop in the middle of their post. Then they copy and paste the rest of their post from their email to GoTitans later, and since the fonts arent exactly the same, half the text is smaller. Lol.
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    whoa I got bored after reading one line you shoulda wrote all that in small letters
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    Yeah, it's not as if that defense's turnover ratio was impressive or that it actually won them the super bowl or anything.

    Now here's a challege: Name more than 3 people from that defense.
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    Harper, Fujita, and Smith that DE
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    Fisher's comments are the cutest thing ever.. We all know Fishface will run the ball 50 times a game, and that's automatically 50 plays Cook will have to park his ass on the bench
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    ...and injuring himself in the process lol

    Deuce Wayne
    To be fair, as I've been hating on Jake a lot (and rightfully so, the guy to me hasn't proven that he can cut and I'm with you actually as one who doesn't think he's got it - I got GamePass recently again guys, been re-watching lot of games as painful as it has been, and yes, Jake still looks awful...

    Anyway, back to Cook for a second... While Jake was bad, Cook really did 'jump' and 'dive' way too much and most of the time it wasn't at all necessary... He also did injure himself most of the time he tried that ish...