Rumor Concession Employees told to get rid of Munchak and Locker Cups

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by MFister, Dec 16, 2013.

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    they take their novelty containers pretty real serious in the UK
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    I find it quite interesting how Munchak is preaching the importance in winning these next 2 division games, yet, his sorry butt hasn't won a division game since week-17 2012.

    If you use division games as the benchmark in Munchak's 3 years so far, is him going 4-12 (.250) acceptable? I mean he's putting A LOT of emphasis on the importance of division games. In my book he's a huge failure and is lucky to even get a shot at winning these 2 games.

    Please bare bottom baby Jesus, don't ruin another year of our lives with Munchak in it.
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    I fear we'll get Munch next year simply because Tommy's plate is full with Bud's estate and finding his way through NFL ownership. He could easily kick the can down the road one more year, buy himself some time to get acclimated, and save some money by not paying Munch for a buyout.
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    If Tommy Smith has half a brain, he will realize that fanbase morale is at an ALL TIME low. He and we need a change up. A new era will usher in a new hope, at least for a little while, at worst. Never has there been a time to where the franchise has been so hopeless. There is no light at the end of the tunnel as far as we can see. At least after McNair, we had Bulluck and some others, and VY brought us some hope for a little bit.

    What have we got??

    Munchak needs something huge to get fans back on his side. Something like signing Manning huge.. not going to happen. A new coach, especially a decent name, will give everything a shot in the arm, at least temporarily. There is no benefit in keeping him, except for that he's a nice guy, and you'd feel bad to hurt his feelings... but get over it.
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    You speak the truth nick
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