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    Everyone has been hyping Andrew Luck for so long, and rightfully so, that I wanted to see how far off Locker's completion % is off from his. You will probably be surprised like I was when I saw the stats from

    If you think about Jake's % number, he is 3 more completed passes out of every 100 away from having a 60% completion percentage, which is respectible. Obviously he missed on some throws he should have hit but he also had a lot of drops and had to throw a lot of balls away to keep from taking a sack with that patchwork offensive line we put in front of him.

    What do you think? Do these stats surprise you?

    Locker vs Luck.JPG
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    Did you really get your picture taken with Munchak?

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    Really- again?

    Let's stick with the eyeball test. Luck looks like a better QB, especially in "crunch time". Could be the line, could be the injury, could be the hype/momentum- who really knows?

    But his team is getting W's and he has led some late game wins. Locker just hasn't done that.
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  4. Deuce Wayne

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    Not surprised.

    Andrew Luck is a facade. ESPN can hype him all they want but he's nothing special.
  5. xpmar9x

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    This prooves it, Locker > Luck.

    On a seperate note, it does show that Luck is overrated. No elite QB completes 54% of his passes, especially with good receivers (Wayne/Hilton/Fleener/Allen). Even Mark Sanchez has a better completion %.
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  6. nickmsmith

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    Wins as starter in which he played a critical role.... 11

    Locker's.... not so much.

    And plus, we're counting all of Kendall Wright's screen pass catches as completions.... you know, the only route Wright was allowed to run all year..

    Eyeball-test shows that Luck can COMPLETE down the field passes, and Locker cannot, most of the time.

    We're scraping the bottom of the barrel here to make ourselves feel better about Locker, and the Titans, period. Just like us laughing about the Texans losing to the Colts last week.. who cares.. BOTH teams beat us TWICE... Other teams losing doesn't make your team a winner. Titans have a large suckage per capita.

    Luck HAS been overhyped this year... but Locker SUCKS compared to Luck.

    Luck needs to improve his decision making.. too many questionable passes.. Opposite of Locker.. who can't MAKE THE THROWS.

    Luck needs to work on his game at QB... Locker needs a whole new one.

    that's the difference.
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  7. The Hammer

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    So, is it that Locker is better than Luck? Or is it just that Luck is worse than Locker?????? That is the question.
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    Just got in a big debate with my boss on that Andrew Luck is overrated. He said he's already elite.. how can a QB who was 2nd to lsat in INTs, 1st in Turnovers, 2nd to last in Comp%, and Bottom 10 in QB Rating be considered elite?!
  9. nickmsmith

    nickmsmith Most poverty RB core.

    He isn't elite compared to the really great QBs in the NFL. Compared to JL, he's excellent.

    He wins games in clutch fashion, when, if he minimized mistakes, they'd have won by 2-3 TDs. But he still wins them.

    He's got a promising start for sure, though.

    Only an idiot would take Locker over Luck if given the choice. I'd challenge anyone here to argue to say they would.
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  10. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    Yep, last year on the Titans caravan.
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