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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. GoT

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    DL did not get going till Gayton pulled his stunt drawing Fat Albert offsides late in the third. Immediatly after that the refs called the dolts for illegal motion in a makeup call. Then Fat Albert unloaded on Gayton for a big drive ending sack.
  2. Titans256

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    We didn't execute. There's an old saying...'if you have the opportunity to go for the throat, you go for the throat.'

    We got close to the throat, but we lolly-gagged around and didn't get the throat.

    With that said, the guys played their hearts out, and if I believed in "moral-victories" (which I dont...ever), this would fall under that category.

    And yes, I think we should've let Vince run for the 1st down on 3rd and 4 on that last drive. Indy didn't crowd the line until 4th down. JMO...
  3. ZELL22

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    I appreciate the offer, but although I felt bad, it was not enough to slow me and the wifey down. Good to know that I have a back up though, thanks...:grrhee:

    The game plan worked pretty good. This is the way that Fisher, and Schwartz have played it the past season, and apparently this season as well. Bend don't break defense is cool, only if you can score points, which we didn't do at critical times.

    VY did a good job in the game, he just needs to handle the Blitz better. Also, Chow made a bad call for that fourth down play (a roll out to the right). In the face of the blitz, they over loaded the right side and the pressure in VY's face. He tried to make a play, but was unable to, I just wonder though, was somebody open on that play, b/c he still had a good amount of time to throw the ball, and knowing the blitz was coming I would think that there was a quick read, especially with only four yards to go.
  4. RollTide

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    Chris brown bashing...

    How ignorant, anyone who saw that game knows the guy had no blocking all day long. Only on one play did he have any room to run. Also three of brown's runs were short yardage.

    And no lendale wouldn't have got the first down on that first series either there was no blocking. I agree white should get most short yardage carries but on that play he wouldn't have done anything either. It was a dumb call because we should have sneaked it..

    A hall of fame back named tomlinson is averaging .7 yards per carry less than what chris brown gained yesterday. I guess he is a one hit wonder also..
  5. GoT

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    how is Tomlinson in short yardage situations?
  6. Titan_4Good.

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    Great game for our defense again!!!! We need to catch the ball, we need to convert on the red zone!! We were so close guys :yes: , we can take this chomps, we just need to catch the ball and make plays on 3rd downs.. GO TITANS!!
  7. TitanJeff

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    I agree. Flash back to a year ago and the spanking the Titans took against the Chargers.

    It appears the Titans will be competitive each time they take the field. When you can count the blunders on one hand, you know you are going in the right direction. If they continue to improve, I think they have a good shot at a playoff run.
  8. split_six

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    I mostly agree with this. Regarding the fourth down play, some will say they were in a 9 man blitz. They were actually in press man under 1 deep with a nickel blitz (they just brought five). The play was actually not a roll right, it was blown up by the fact that Olson whiffed his block. The LB covering Brown (stayed in to block) gave inside help to the flanker quick slant to Jones. Since pre-snap that was covered and the slot receiver took an outside release, I can only assume the wide out was on a comeback. However, why he was not beyond the marker on 4th and 4 is beyond my comprehension.

    I thought there was a screen pass in the play book somewhere.
  9. MJTitans

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    Definitely showed we still have work to do, but here's what I came away with:

    1) D Line - Other than a few plays where I thought the tackling was weak inside, the front 7 again played very well. Pressure on Manning didn't come early, but they kept at it and disrupted him enough to hold him to 1 TD - fantastic.

    2) Passing game - Vince missed a few, and had a few costly mental errors. But overall the passing was encouraging. 2 best plays in the air: 1 yd TD to Roydell on a route that VY has struggled throwing in the past. He nailed the throw and Roydell made a great catch. 14 yd pass to Roydell with :30 left - same reasons. Great route, clutch throw to the sidelines, and great catch. This game confirmed my belief that R.Williams has what it takes.

    3) Secondary - again with the bed don't break. The Colts are going to move the ball, and you are going to get burned but they came up big in the red zone. They hung in and showed they are improved from the last few years. Manning doesn't flush out of the pocket unless he has no one open when the pressure comes, which is why we haven't gotten to him in the past. Still room to improve but like the QB play - there is clear movement in the right direction.

    4) Tight Ends. Biggest disappointment of the day for me. They should have been featured in this game, and other than VY missing a wide open Scaife, we barely heard their names. I was hoping Troupe would have his breakout year - looking unlikely he's in a Titan uniform next year. Tyrone Calico version 2.0.

    5) Special Teams - love to see hands getting on the kicks! Griffin makes a nice head-up play to pin them on the 1, which leads to a big hit on Manning and an INT. BUT man does he make me nervous with the football in his hands on a return. Looking forward to Pac taking that job back.

    Someone made the comment that they played better in this loss than in several wins last year. I completely agree, and that's what many of us were expecting out of this team this year. Vince, like McNair, will have his miracle games, but you can't depend on that to win. Last year that was our only chance - this year it looks more like they can just play football.
  10. RollTide

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    No screen pass is right..

    With so many concentrating on vince a roll out with a screen back to the middle might be a great play. Brown runs that play well and white can run it so why not at least show it once?

    And we didn't run enough of our running plays from a normal power I type formation and relied too much on that inside hand off stuff from the shotgun. the colts had that figured out.
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