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    Here is a good video of Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci talking mainly about the Colts and how they're recent shake ups will affect their season.

    They also make some very good points about the AFC South in general. The more I think about it we may not play in the most flashy division in the league but true followers know that the south is one of the most interesting.

    The Titans and Colts as of right now are obviously the front runners for the title. The Jarguars and Texans will have to battle it out for the third spot. As I said I believe it is a two team battle for first but if the Texans play to their potential we may see a three team brawl. As a fan of the game I would love to see all four teams play beyond their potential to set up a competitve, back and forth race clear through weeek 16. My guess is that either the Titans or the Colts will run away with the division. We are the defending champions but the Colts will be hungry to regain the title.

    So here's to the Titans, Colts, Jaguars and Texans making this an interesting and action packed season!

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    Forget that, lets win this division early.
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    I just don't see where the love for the colts is coming from. I know Payton is a phenomenal QB but the O and D lines have been medium at best and I just don't see any upside. Saturday is back so that helps but Ugoh was a bust. Their run game- medium at best- they had to spend #1 on Donald Brown because Addai is hurt.

    I really think it will be Titans by 2 games, the Texans then the Colts at #3. Jags last before their departure to LA.
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