Colts have used 37 starters en route to 11 wins

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>AFC East guru Tim Graham dug up some interesting stuff while putting together <a href="/blogs/afceast/0-4-613/Belichick-masters-interchangeable-parts.html" shape="rect" target="_blank">an entry</a> on Bill Belichick.</p> <p>According to the Elias Sports Bureau, each of the league's 10 teams that have used 35 starters or fewer has a winning record.</p> <p>Only three teams in the league have managed double-digit wins this season while needing to use more than 35 different starting players.</p> <p>New England is 10-5 with 46 starters<br clear="none" /> Miami is 10-5 with 39 starters<br clear="none" /> Indianapolis is 11-4 with 37 starters</p> <p>We've known all season that Tony Dungy's done some of his best work this season and that Bill Polian and his scouting staff did good work getting the coach and his staff good parts to plug in. Counting on more players to play bigger roles hasn't slowed them down.</p>

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