College Football Should Be Banned

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Tennessy XO, May 8, 2012.

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    Yes, forcing players to play by paying their massive tuition for a free education. As someone who works and has to share an appartment with 3 people to get through school, it sounds like a major bi***.

    Or, forcing people who don't get scholarships to walk on the football team.

    A hard truth? Howabout a joke.

    Ok, players don't get compensated for their ability; let's just do away with their sport.

    That way, the .0001% that are NFL ready at 18 can give it a shot, while the rest can go f*** off.

    Yeah, way to think objectively. That's a helluva solution.
  2. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    If you get rid of one you get rid of them all. Explain that to baseball/lacrosse/volleyball/soccer/softball/basketball etc etc. Quit whining, it's one of the few things left we have to look forward to in this increasingly depressing country.
  3. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    This is my point. The NFL should be forced to create their own minor league. The NFL is having their cake and eating it too. Students shouldn't have to go to college at all, football or basketball. That is the decision of the leagues though. I believe that D1 college football and basketball players should be payed. The perks and education they receive are an incredibly small fraction of the overall profits that are made on college football every year.
    People are right though, you don't have to play. That is not the case for everyone. For many people athletics are their only way to get into college. If you even have the far fetched dream of playing professional ball you have no other choice. This is not considering the large amount of football players who are nowhere close to being ready to succeed at the university level academically... yet they are some how making it. It is a corrupt and broken system. The only thing saving it is the tradition around it. It is a good ole boys club and things have always been this way.

    Perfect business model really. Bring dozens of athletes into your institution. Give them food and a place to live. Promise them a world class education. Parade them out weekly in front of thousands and have them perform in a spectacle where any play could be their last. Make millions from tickets, merchandise sales, television deals and university endorsements. Share none of the profit with your employees that are producing the product. (Except the coaches) We can pay them millions and they are free to leave and jump ship whenever. The entire time hide behind the title of amateurism. Play to the traditions and sites and sounds of game day. It is all a show for the audience who is the general public. A large portion of them will never have any affiliation with university outside of Saturdays in the fall. It is a circus and the Neylands and Bryant-Dennys are the big tops. The football players are the animals. If you want to keep eating and being educated go perform. Remember though these yearly scholarships can change. Dramatic I know lol
  4. jplusip

    jplusip Pro Bowler


    Your (hopefully) typo aside, I disagree with you and the articles completely.

    You ever been to college? Did you take out loans to go to college? Did you work through college to pay your bills?

    Student athletes tend to have to worry about these issues less. Sure, they have to worry about their sport and they certainly put time into that, but getting financial assistance with getting an education is in no way a trivial thing. Someone could go play for the University of Alabama, get some degree, and have no college debt, saving them $20K or more (not to mention the funding for housing, a meal plan, books, etc.)

    And then for those that go on to play pro, the idea is that it's good for them to have a back-up plan. Sure, there are tons of pro players that never bothered to finish college, but there are tons that did, and if they get a career ending injury or just fall out of the NFL, then they have something to fall back on. And besides, I always like it when I hear that a player is educated. As a mathematician, I was thrilled when I learned that Verner got a degree in mathematics. Good for him.

    But in the end, the fact is that college sports allow people that would have otherwise never gone to college a chance to be there. If every place was Princeton, where the extracurricular activities are virtually irrelevant, then very few people would wind up going to college and getting any type of higher education.

    People can ***** and moan about college athletes getting used all they want. The fact is, they are getting paid. They're getting free (or, at least, considerably cheaper) school and often housing and various other benefits. It beats the hell out of working at your local Wal-Mart while you try to scrape through college and then having tens of thousands of dollars of debt staring you down when you get out.

    As for the money the colleges make, obviously that goes into their sports program and likely various other areas the school needs work on. Many schools would probably struggle to stay afloat without their dedicated fanbases and the money they make off of their sports programs, and in that struggle higher tuition would creep in, and then less people would get the opportunity to get an education.

    Of course, I could also point out the Scam Newton's of the world who get paid anyways and get no repercussions from it.
  5. Tennessy XO

    Tennessy XO RESIST

    The student athletes with aspirations of playing professional football
  6. jdog

    jdog I like beer!

    By this philosophy everyone that works for a living is getting scammed.I don't totally disagree with that but the alternative doesn't exist except in fantasy land.
  7. TitansWrath

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    Nobody forced you to do an unpaid three year internship in the profession of your choice before you could start working though.
  8. nickmsmith

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    All sides make sense here.

    These students are making some of these colleges millions, and they (are supposed to) get NOTHING.

    If they wanted to get an education, they could take their minor league pay (which would be much more than a college tuition's worth) and buy their own education if they want it. People like Vince Young wouldn't be forced to go to school when they clearly are simpletons who are there to play football.

    That being said, being to two major football campuses this year (LSU and Florida) College football is going nowhere. The system is indeed broken, but it's still bringing in millions to many of its schools. So it's going nowhere.

    A NFL minor league would be better for the sport, and for the school academically, but it won't happen. In so many schools, football is life. Without Football: Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, LSU, and tons of others would be nothing.
  9. Alex1939

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    What a sensationalized crap article. This whole thread sucks. One of the worst all time.

    College football revenue actually lowers tuition for all students. It supports more people getting a college education. This is not a bad thing. College football players aren't slaves or indentured servants, they are getting a free ride. If they walk-on, well that is their choice isn't it?

    Beyond all that, playing college football is not a requirement, no one is forcing anyone to play it. Sure if you want to go pro and make millions it's the easiest (but not only) entry into that world, and having at least a little college education is a good thing for these guys that are going to be in the 1% of the population.

    You guys wanna talk minor league money? How much do you think guys in the Arena league make??
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    College football players will soon be compensated fairly for their contributions to their schools.

    Right now there's allowed accounts that are drawn from for these guys, but it's so little it's nothing.

    And Alex, they are like slave, lets be real here.

    Or maybe not slaves, but perhaps Chinese workers?
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