Coach Approval Ratings: Three at, or over, 78 percent

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky

    I've been overdue to look in on the 2008 SportsNation NFL Head Coach Approval Ratings, which let fans offer a week-by-week thumbs up or thumbs down to the guy running their team.

    A breakdown of the AFC South coaches with their overall approval rating for the season and where they stand right now:

    Jack Del Rio

    Overall: 67 percent
    Currently: 31 percent

    He started off at a very respectable 78 percent and worked his way back to there after a Week 6 win in Denver pulled the Jags to 3-3. Since then he's dipped as low as 26 percent. Graph.

    Tony Dungy

    Overall: 72 percent
    Currently: 78 percent

    He bottomed out at 53 percent after the Colts lost a Monday night game in Nashville. He peaked at 85 percent after the win in San Diego. But Colts fans are tough and didn't like the ugly win in Cleveland or, apparently, the blowout of Cincinnati. He's the winningest coach in the league who's been at the control from 30 games or more (136-69, .663). Graph.

    Jeff Fisher

    Overall: 91 percent
    Currently: 91 percent

    I've always said when you're primary complaints are that your coach is overly loyal and overly conservative, there are plenty of cities that would trade for him in a second. Not even much of a dip with the one loss. Graph.

    Gary Kubiak

    Overall: 52 percent
    Currently: 80 percent

    His graph looks like a roller coaster track. It's to be expected when you're streaky like the Texans have been. Just four votes ago he was way down at 36 percent. Fans like him as much as they have all season now. After three straight wins he's at 80 percent. Graph.

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