Rumor Clowney just followed our PFF analysts

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by STEVE McFLARE, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Tricky

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  2. Laserjock

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    Meh...losing faith in Clowney to the Titans...

  3. Deuce Wayne


    If it hasn't happened, it probably wont. Spend the money better elsewhere.
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  4. JM1995

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    And why do you say that? Because he hasn’t signed at all, he’s unlikely to sign with us?

    And honestly, where else could we improve more with our current roster other than just out right signing Clowney? Not many positions can be improved upon other than adding depth, this is our biggest need, with an elite option available. Makes a ton of sense
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  5. Titanic_Sub

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    The favorites
  6. Deuce Wayne


    Doesn't have to be spent today.

    We have a face of franchise RB to sign. We have a stopgap injury prone QB under center that had a great year- but will he have another? No one behind him. (*Note. I called the Tannehill situation last preseason and it played out EXACTLY like I said it would. Other than me being off 1 week by the start game)

    We're losing our best corner (F*** your PFF grades) and hoping a guy that spent a large portion of his beginnings here being the worst CB we've seen since Nick Harper.

    We have offensive line issues and hoping a slow out-of-position draft pick can either fill the spot our current backup is taking as a starter... doesn't seem like we "only need depth" here.

    We have 1 legit wide receiver.

    We have a safety that's been slacking since his contract- and a safety that was injured most the year-- that we picked up off the couch. Ain't getting any younger.

    *by the way- the DB that gets all those guys to work over the offseason is gone. Unless Byard picks up that slack, expect a big dropoff in the MMCNB crew.

    Saying we have no needs is kind of odd. We finally had a hot streak and looked like a legit playoff team. One year.

    If we get Clowney- cool. I expect we'll overpay, but he'll hopefully contribute and at least be a solid player.

    But acting like we're loaded everywhere else? lol bruh please.
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  7. Vorsutus

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    Something tells me your parents could have bought you a lambo at 16 and you would cry because it wasn't an airplane.
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  8. Dangermode

    Dangermode A New Era has Begun

    Bwahahahaha. Ur huffing glue man. No ones buying this crap.

    “Stop gap QB” is a weird way to look at the guy with the 15th highest career passer rating of all time, who we just gave a multi-year contract to in his prime.

    Logan our best corner?! Haha, ninja please. Our best blitzing DB, ill give you that. But one of our worst cover corners. Got burned up and down the field in the AFC championship game. Watch it.

    Our offensive line played great towards the end of the year there. Kelly was playing BETTER than Conk two years ago and has always been more than capable. Add to that a competition with a 1st round SEC lineman and I’m feeling fairly comfortable.

    Correction, we have one “star” WR. Davis and Hump are both legit.

    Byard slacking?! Haha. Dude has been awesome. Not sure what games you watching but he’s top 10 in nearly every metric.

    This is the most complete team we’ve had since 99. Believe that.
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    Every team has flaws, us no more than anyone, itll work.

    Adding clowney only helps us and Logan Ryan faded out last yr, even the GM who brought him here is done with him now. Plus he was just replaced two times over with Fulton and Joseph.

    Not paying Conklin top dollar allows us to re-sign more core guys this summer if we wanted. Jonnu and Jayon money had to come from somewhere so Conk is the odd man out.

    All in all I believe this team is primed to make another run with the changes weve made.

    DW always harping on little stuff.
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  10. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    Define what you mean by the word "best":
    He gave up 781 yards and 5 touchdowns.

    There is a reason our "best" corner is still a free agent and won't get anything close to the $10M we were paying him.

    I'll give you credit for his leadership and off-field hard work, but every team does that in the off season. His best trait was his versatility. Hooker can hopefully step right in and do some of the same things at a fraction of the cost. I want my corners, especially in the slot, to be able to cover.

    I would of brought him back, especially in an off season with a new position coach and "DC", but not with his greedy, somewhat delusional, price demand.

    But we digress...hopefully we bring in Clowney at a good price.
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