CJ: The highest paid scrub in the NFL

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Anthony4Titans, Sep 9, 2012.

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    I just passed. 2,000 posts. Should I holdout for more Moolah?
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    The problem with CJ is he is playing like a *****. There was a play, I think with around 10:40 left in the 3rd, where he goes to the turf before there is even contact. He's not putting in any second effort. He's playing scared.
  4. titans backbone

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    For the love of god what a bunch of kids you guys are..you complain more than girls and they are unbearable.

    The deal is our o-line sucks, Roos was getting eaten alive by jones in both passing and running game. Pass protection we were ok, but running lanes are not only nowhere to be found...their defense just took over and were on our backfield on every freaking running play. And you complain about johnson and say he could have gotten 30-40? what are u having during games, acid? He could have gained 10-15 yards if he did the best possible job.

    It's just one game though, so lets wait and see how we fare against a team that doesnt have 2 huge dt's and 2 playmakers in hightower and jones.

    San diego and the saints will give us a better idea
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    I have been around a little longer than most of you guys but based on my experience watching every hall of fame runner from OJ Simpson to Tomlinson is that the best backs always seem to get their yardage.

    Even teams with 9 man fronts keying on a back will not stop a great back all the time because the back can often use that against them when they over pursue or over commit.

    CJ with his speed theoretically would have more field to work with than an average back. He can bounce it outside, he can bend it back. There are always seams somewhere. But he can't get to them.
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    Running lanes are not just the creation of the O-line the back creates them by how he uses the line. I agree the run blocking sucks but a guy making $8M a year needs to get a yard a carry. Why pay to have a back if he can't even do that? Eddie George in 2002-2003 was better than CJ has been the last 17 games.
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    I would love to see some misdirection run plays, actually run block (instead of this zone block crap), and for Chris to just hit a hole with purpose. If you get 2 yards, so what! At least run like you mean it.

    I watched the game over again last night. As bad as we looked, the 2nd quarter was the only quarter that really hurt us points wise. Grif sucks, but we know that. We let some rezone opportunities get away from us (refs hurt us on the first series). With Britt back next week, things will be different. Munch said that Britt will play 20-25 snaps this week against SD.
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    I wish someone would compile a video of all 11 of CJ's runs yesterday. I don't remember a single toss sweep. It seemed like every play was a handoff and when CJ looked up their was no hole and so the dancing began. I think CJ has been horrible, but the OL and play calling certainly hasn't helped.
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    Not going back to read 15 pages, but we did play probably one of the toughest run defenses this year.

    I do agree CJ and the other RB's were hesitant on hitting the holes. I thought CJ could've moved the pile forward or gained a few extra yards after contact. I mean, he did gained some bulk during the offseason for that reason. I really hope he does improve next week.
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    Boy, I didn't see this coming.... :suspect:
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