CJ of Old is Back?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by dtm586, Aug 3, 2012.

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    According to rotoworld.com and NFL Network's Training Camp Reporter Ian Rapoport.

    "Live from Titans training camp Friday, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that Chris Johnson has been impressive in practice and appears destined for a bounce-back season.
    Johnson turned in a career-worst year in 2011, playing soft and refusing to finish runs. Charley Casserly reported that the Titans believe Johnson is "on a mission" in 2012, and Rapoport echoed that sentiment. "I've been stunned," said Rapoport after watching Johnson practice. "He looks like the Chris Johnson of old. He's fast, he's in shape. Looks like he's primed for a big year." If Johnson regains form, he could reemerge as the No. 1 running back in all of fantasy. "

    CJ is the heart and soul of this team and we all need to remember that even after an off-year by his standards in 2011. Without CJ going beast-mode this year - we stand no chance. Jake Locker fan club aside - this still is a running team as long as CJ is on the Titans whether or not Palmer changes the offense to a more passer-happy one. Overtime Locker to Wright should be a formable tandem but as of now, CJ is still in his prime and is the focal point of this offense - and is a threat to take it the house every time he touches the rock.

    Last year was such a let down, from the long hold out, camp no-show, timid dancing around in the backfield instead of pouding it through the middle like the 2K of old.

    This will be a real test this year as CJ probably has 3 years left in him with superstar potiential and before this becomes a dominate pass-happy team so it's basically make or break this year for Johnson and all early training camp indications are that "HEEEEES BAAAAAAACK"
  2. Fry

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    Is Eugene Amano still the starting center? Oh, he is? Sorry CJ...
  3. dtm586

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    Yeah really ... the Titans FO dropped the ball on center issue big time. Hopefully the holes come from the sides with Hutch, Roos and Stewart.
  4. Parking Lot B

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    I just don't understand the whole Amano thing. We all know he needed to go. I love the Titans but the stupid stuff like that is what makes me wonder what they are thinking.
  5. Obie09

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    Apparently the FO is more worried about saving a few dollars than fixing the most important issue with our offense. We had plent of opportunities to sign guys but they all fell through. If we offered them what they were asking for I doubt every single one of them would have gone to a different team.

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    Haha, the Jake Locker fan club, thats cute.
  7. dtm586

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    Yeah had to take a small shot there. Locker 1-15 or whatever it was with a pick in training camp ... meh. Start MH during the hard part of the schedule its a no-brainer. He posted solid numbers, is a veteran, has respect around the league and proved he can run the offense at least at the beginning of the year.
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    I think CJ is poised for a big year
  9. LoneStarPhan

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    Good to hear. Sure would be great to have a running threat AND a passing threat.

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    [float][​IMG][/float] Titans running back Chris Johnson is coming off the worst season of his NFL career. In 2011, Johnson set career lows in rushing yards, yards per carry, and touchdowns. Everyone seemed to have their own explanation for Johnson’s struggles over the course of the year. Johnson didn’t look like the player he once was.

    But Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported on Friday’s Inside Training Camp Live that Johnson appears to have rediscovered past elite form so far in camp. While running backs are difficult to evaluate accurately before full-contact football activities, Rapoport says the early signs are promising for the player once nicknamed “CJ2K.”

    “I’ve been stunned,” said Rapoport, who is live at Titans training camp. “He looks like the Chris Johnson of old. … He’s fast, he’s in shape. Looks like he’s primed for a big year.”

    NFL Network’s Charley Casserly also stated Friday that the Titans believe Johnson “came to camp on a mission,” after falling well short in 2011 of the standard he’d previously set.

    The Titans are holding a quarterback competition, and their best wide receiver is recovering from his third knee surgery in the past ten months. Kenny Britt also figures to face a league-imposed suspension for an offseason arrest.

    Considering the six-year, $55.26 million contract they paid him last September, it would be nice if the Titans could count on Johnson to be a stabilizing element to their 2012 offense.

    If Rapoport’s instincts are correct, they should be able to do just that.

    Source: Pro Football Talk
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