CJ=First Player Ever With Three 85-Yard Runs

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ColtKiller, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. kdizzle

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    What kills me

    What was hilarious was the guy talking smack after CJ just smoked them. I wonder what CJ said back to him...:lol:
  2. cld12pk2go

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    To me it looked like CJ sped up when it looked like they would have him at the corner and he turned it up just enough to clear them.

    Then he pulled up the last 5 yards and DRC caught him at the goal line.

    One thing to remember, DRC was a 4.3 guy and CJ passed him and kept him behind him until he slowed down.

    I really don't think CJ was wide open on that run.
  3. VYtostart

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  4. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    If you watch this film closely you'll see CJ blow by everyone even the db's at the end.

    When he hits the line of scrimmage there there are 8 cards still in the picture. 2 db's, 2 lb, and 2 DE, and 2 lineman. 4 people are locked up in blocks. the db's are running free, the lb is free, and one lineman has a shot.

    At the 5 yard marker four of the eight men in the box start wheelin toward their own endzone like a starting gun went off. a DE, 2 LB, and a CB. Everyone running free is even with CJ except for the LB 58 who has a two yard head start and is already spring for the end zone.

    At the 8 yard marker there now only 6 people in the screen. All of those running with him are already 2 yards behind. And now there are 5 people wheelin for CJ from behind. The LB 58 has a one yard lead on CJ now, but is in full sprint to catch him from behind, lol.

    At the 12 yard marker into the run LB 58 is even with him. Now there are 4 people in the screen. CJ has opened his gap on two players to 3 yards. One player is about to fall off the screen.

    20 yards into the run there are 3 people in the screen. 2 are about to fall off. only 58 is still running with him side by side after his head start.

    At the 50 yard line, 35 yards into the run, we are down to only one person on the screen. LB 58 still motoring with him at even inspite of a good 2 yard head start.

    At the 30 yard line, 55 yards into the run three people are now on the screen. LB 58 is about two yards behind now and going to fall off. DB 21 has a one yard lead on CJ and DB 29 has come from across the field and is about even with CJ. Keep in mind they probably had a 10-20 yard head start because of the WR routes.

    At the 10 yard line there are only 2 dbs in the screen now. #21 is about 2 yards back. #29 is about 1.5 yards back and hauling.

    At the 1 yard line only DB 29 is on the screen and makes his dive. But he is still a good yard and half behind CJ after being even with him 30 yards ago. So he got passed by CJ based on the film.

    When CJ curls at the end and slows off the run the Card gains an angle to dive. It's a bit of an illusion at regular speed that he catches up even though DB 29 is hauling. CJ really blew right by him based on my analysis.
  5. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    By the way on the tipped pass, the intended WR was wide open. I mean wide the heck open. It was hard to tell who it was. It looked like CJ but I am not sure because you tube is really blurry. If it was CJ, and I think it was, he had a ton of space. He was basically uncovered.
  6. GoT

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    yeah Young was dumping off to CJ on that play
    stupid Cardinals
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