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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Ubiq, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Fry

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    he's the complete opposite of what our FO falls in love with. when was the last time we had a back on the roster that was under 200 lbs? john simon? and he was an undrafted returner who we tried to use in the same exact capacity you're describing johnson should be used in and it failed miserably, just like it always does.
  2. Alpha-Centuri

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    eh.. I didn't like what I saw of chris henry coming out of the backfield. He looked real fast, but I can't remember if he made one cut in all of his carries. The 20+ yarder vs Oakland was where he ran to the outside and along the hashmarks. :hmm:

    Maybe its the agility that I don't like, or maybe its the vision/awareness.. whatever it is, its keeping him from producing. That's why we need another RB with LenDale. We both can agree Henry needs to improve on his blocking though :))

    Ginn jr. was drafted in the 1st.. like 8th overall or something. Pacman was drafted 6th.

    There is a precedent, and both were good at it... What Pacman brought to the table was also skills at corner. With Johnson, I see it like that sorta... but I see him as a scatback who happens to be really good at returning. I would that increase his value, not lower it. At 24, that would seem like a good deal, especially if better players don't slide to us.
  3. Fry

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    you can draft someone who can play an actual position AND return, but what position does johnson play? WR? RB? third down back?

    these type of guys never work out in the nfl, it's just a fact.

    and for record, i hated ted ginn coming out(osu fan too)
  4. Alpha-Centuri

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    Simply put, he is a rb. I understand your skepticism... It will be interesting how the Titans play the free agency... all this talk could be for nothing if we sign a rb who is worth some production
  5. GLinks

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    To this argument, I'll just add, the Titans are not looking for another back to run between the tackles. They are looking to add a playmaker first and foremost. It doesn't matter what any of us think about what they should or shouldn't do. Johnson was either the first or second player the Titans interviewed at the Combine. So bigtitan53279, you are probably quite wrong on the "opposite of who our FO falls in love with" part. Not to mention, we've only started really searching for this type of player since the Pacman situation has worsened, thus history cannot be used as an adequate indicator here. Also, before ridiculous statements are made at the end of April, even if we don't draft him it doesn't mean the Titans didn't want him.

    I think these are the first round candidates for the Titans:

    1) Quentin Groves
    2) Limas Sweed
    3) Chris Johnson
    4) Devin Thomas
    5) DeSean Jackson
    6) James Hardy

    I don't think DT will be looked at in one. Dre Moore, Red Bryant, Trevor Laws I would guess would be candidates in round two.

    Mario Manningham, Andre Caldwell, Earl Bennett, Jordy Nelson and William Franklin could be WR candidates in the second as well.

    No guards in one. No Calais Campbell in one, either. Phillip Merling I kind of doubt falls to us. Lawrence Jackson is not worth round one.

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will not make our pick. The kind of corner I expect us to target would be Terrance Wheatley in three. Two is a possibility. Truth be known, most of the top talent at CB sucks, or is not a fit for us. Mike Jenkins, Aquib Talib, etc. No thanks. DRC, yes. Cason? Quite unsure, and too uncomfortable to make the call. In two, no doubt.

    At one point I thought Mendenhall could fall to us, and that would warrant some consideration. Now I don't think he will. Stewart might, and we'd have to stop and think about it, but I could see the Titans letting him go by.

    Of the RBs I consider later, Ray Rice and Justin Forsett are at the forefront. Forsett is my first choice for a 3rd down back. Note that Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson are the same height, 5'11" and Charles weighs 3 pounds more at 200. Ray Rice is also under 200 pounds, but is two inches shorter.

    Anyway, given where the talent lies (i.e. DT, CB, DE are thin for our needs in one) I think my 6 choices are fairly strong candidates for consideration in one, for obvious reasons. The guy I'd probably want the least on that list right now (for his size) is DeSean Jackson. For that reason, I'd rather take Chris Johnson, who is 30 pounds heavier and even faster and make him a WR if that's what it took.
  6. Fry

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    we're allowed like 60 player interviews, we only have 6 you think we're going to pick EVERYONE we interview?

    sometimes teams interview guys to remove them from their list.
  7. ConVinced10

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    why chris johnson when maybe someone like johnathan stewart or a back like that falls to us...
    i personally dont like the idea of going for speed, we already have a player like that (chris davis) which is scary to watch when he gets railed by someone that is almost twice his size
  8. reo

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    There's a huge difference in Chris Davis's speed and Johnson's speed. Johnson can flat out fly... Davis has some pretty good quickness and agility but he doesn't have that 2nd gear... Johnson has a 2nd and 3rd gear.
  9. The Playmaker

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    We need a change of pace RB to go along with White. If you say thunder/lightning. I don't know if Johnson is one but that's all I'm saying.
  10. PAtitansfan53

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    Get Justin Forsett 4 rounds later and get basically the same production.
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