Chris Johnson Signs Two Year Deal With Jets

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JimmyTitan, Apr 16, 2014.

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    Jets sign RB Chris Johnson (2 years, $8 million): D Grade

    I hope Rex Ryan enjoyed his time coaching the Jets because his fate has been sealed. He will be fired at the end of this season in the wake of the Chris Johnson signing. On the bright side, the Jets are likely to have a top-two selection next spring, as seen here in my 2015 NFL Mock Draft. :biglaugh:

    This is a terrible signing on so many levels. First of all, Johnson is not a good player. He frequently dances around behind the line of scrimmage and has too many negative runs. He doesn't have his elite speed anymore - he turns 29 in September - so there is no more upside with all of his downside. Johnson is also terrible on third downs because he's atrocious in pass protection. Second, Johnson is an awful person to have in the locker room because he throws his teammates and coaching staff under the bus whenever he struggles. Instead of taking the blame himselves (Emmitt Mock is coming soon!) - most of which he deserves - he spreads it around, creating a horrible vibe.

    Third, Johnson, like the quarterback the Jets just signed, is a coach killer. Not only is he bad to have around teammates, as mentioned, but he happens to be an extremely overrated commodity. He's still a big name, so the media will hype up the Jets entering this season. Offseason hype plus regular-season disappointment is a recipe for coaches being fired, so Ryan will be the latest victim of CJ2YPC and the new quarterback.
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    I was one of the few suggesting we do it after 2009 and then again in 2010.

    I got A LOT of hate from my friends.

    They said it would set the franchise back 5-10 years. Little did they know, signing him would set us back 5 years.
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    Playmaker money!!!! 4 per, ha
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    Only thing I really disagree with is that CJ is a bad blocker. Dude will take a hit or give one to help protect his QB. For his size, that is one of the things that always impressed me about him.
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    In this RB market it kinda is. He got paid more than a lot of the younger backs who are very highly thought of. He's making a full $1.4 mil more than Ben Tate per year. I honestly didn't think things would work out this way before FA started.
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    Going back to what I said about giving him the vet min and him still being overpaid......

    I mean, FFS, if this was 2010 the Jets would be on to something. Overpaid, but I guess that is why they are the Jets. Thank god this is over.
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    I hope we shut his ass down this year when him and his buddies come to LP field.
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    This is exactly right. They didn't pay him $4M to be a role player, they're expecting him to be a big part of that offense. It'll be interesting...
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    Jet fan reaction I'm seeing is overwhelmingly positive/ecstatic. I guess I can understand it because you're always hopeful and excited when your team signs a "big name". But after having to watch him game in and game out these past few years I can't help but to laugh.
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    Apparently Jets fans didn't watch their game against us last year when CJ rushed 15 times for 21 yards.

    Those stat lines are rare to see in the NFL from ANY RB... and CJ did it A LOT.
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