Chris Johnson leading the NFL in rushing with 451 yards since Week 4.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Shanvhere, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. xpmar9x

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    You never know. Who would of thought the Titans would of signed Mario and/or Peyton... oh wait. :cool:
  2. Big Time Titan

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    I've only been posting here and there lately. The threads all seem the same. Best ones I've seen lately are this one (Road head) and the one where that bus driver uppercuts that chick. I guess I need to start a new thread.
  3. RealestWhiteBoy

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    Interesting CJ stats:
    CJ (5th season) has as many 100 yard games as AP (6th season). He is already +3 over AP in 100 yard games when comparing how many they had through 5 seasons, and he has over half a season to add to that total.

    CJ is #3 all-time (tied with Walter Payton) for most 110-yard games in first 5 seasons. If he gets 1 more 100-yard game this year, he will move into a tie at #2 with Jim Brown and trail only Eric Dickerson.

    CJ is currently #21 in all-time rush yards (6141) after 5 seasons with 9 games to add to that total. He needs 31 yards to surpass Edge to get into the top 20.
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  4. The Kid

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    "After facing Buffalo's league-worst defense last week, and absolutely destroying it (18/195/2), Chris Johnson gets another cherry matchup this week against Indy. It's all systems go for Johnson now, and his four duds now don't look nearly as bad when you consider that they came early in the year, when offensive lines often struggle to get in sync, against four very strong run defenses — New England (3.3) and San Diego (3.5) rank among the top 4 in YPC allowed, while Detroit and Minnesota rank among the top 6 in fewest FAN PPG allowed to RBs."
  5. The Hammer

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    Not yet having a bi week also helps
  6. GeronimoJackson

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    Gotta give CJ a lot of credit this week, he quietly had a pretty good game, now back to back weeks where he's starting to look like CJ 2K. He ran hard today and fought for every yard, constantly made people miss. Too bad our defense couldn't stop the refs.
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  7. xpmar9x

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    Yep, gg CJ.
  8. Shanvhere

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    IMO he did a fine job actually in today's game
  9. Obie09

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    Other than missing a pass which I think was kind of a bad throw by Hasseldouche and ahead of CJ he played pretty well. Our D and the refs couldn't keep it close though.
  10. GeronimoJackson

    GeronimoJackson Pro Bowler

    Wasn't a perfect pass but no excuse for dropping that, and CJ would have had 3 blockers and one guy to beat. Possibly a dropped TD right there. But what infuriates me now is how much Hasselback hates Cook. He rarely throws him the ball and the one miss throw Hasselback decides to throw all day is missing a wide open Cook that would have been a game ending touchdown.
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