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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by DeutschTitan, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    DJB, you don't get it. Should we draft another back or not?
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Bigitan and gunny..

    I didn't contradict the point that 2.5 yards a carry is not good. I simply brought up the issue that henry can break long runs and the major complaint about our starting RB is that he can't.

    Lendale white and chris henry had almost the exact same yards per carry. They just arrived at those yards differently. I guess that matters to some.

    Again i don't expect either of you to understand this basic concept so keep cheerleading from the side.
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    You live in some world I just simply cannot comprehend.

    There is zero point even talking to you because you simply do not work on the same level as everyone else here.

    He had two long runs, in a very small amount of carries, and still couldn't average over 4 yards per carry. That is poor, very poor.

    Chris Brown had longer runs, in limited carries and managed to average over 4 yards a carry.
  4. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    Both sides are right on this one. When you look at the whole picture it is hard to say Henry was a miserable failure but obviously he does need to start opening his eyes and try to avoid running into people.

    My thoughts on Henry are despite his size and strength he is more of a straight line speed guy. We need to focus more on getting him involved in the passing game on draws, screens and occasionally getting him down field.

    My biggest fear is our OC who for some reason seems to have no idea how to design plays to fit the guys running them.
  5. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Henry is very raw but has the tools if not the natural runner's instincts. He often hits the hole regardless of whether or not there is space. I've noticed he sometimes is so explosive, he's at the LOS before the OL opens the hole.

    Henry is a project but appears to have the mentality he wants to improve. Let's hope he spends a lot of time with Coach Sherman this off-season.
  6. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    Henry seems to almost run too hard and too fast at times. No patience and not seeing where and when to really hit it. He' looks out of control sometimes when he's running. Got all the physical tools, but doesn't look like a natural RB.

    I do think it's possible he could change his style to become a better runner....but it's another one of those big question marks I have about a Titans RB.
  7. Rebel Titan

    Rebel Titan Oiler Cannon Ball

    I think that Henry has been told not to hesitate, just hit the hole, it will open up, so much that patience has been stripped from him. He needs to let the play develop and not force it. Controlled explosiveness is needed, if that makes any sense.
  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    i can't speak for other people, but my main complaint about white is he is very average and one dimensional.

    he does not have the quick feet to hit the backside hole.

    he does not have the speed to hit the corner on tosses, which pretty much telegraphs to the defense that if we're going to run, it will be between the tackles(or more likely the guards).

    he's pretty useless as a receiver.

    but at least you know he'll fall forwards for three yards! :rolleyes:
  9. Bobo

    Bobo Guest

    That's basically how I see it as well Bigtitan.

    I think he is a good inside runner with good patience and vision....but he's also severally limited in other areas like speed and making guys miss. I hope he comes in lighter, stronger, and quicker next year. I really hope he can make those improvements and is willing to try.
  10. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    My complaint about White is that he handicaps himself by being overweight. And he had several critical fumbles. I'll be disappointed if he shows up to camp with a gut again.
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