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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by #90, Nov 17, 2008.

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    He stunk when he first came in and then settled down very well. Garrard was frustrated afterwards that they couldn't make plays against him. The INT was caused by AH, but on top of being a great catch by Carr it was also great recognition of the route. He knew they were going to put a double move on him there, he stayed with his man which put him in good position to break on the ball. Better position than the receiver, obviously.

    He's no starter, but he showed a lot of smarts to adjust his play to keep them from picking on him. On top of that he's returning kicks and covering kicks... that's tough. He earned a week of hype. Fisher thought so too.
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    he actually made the number 29 look good for once
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    He looked good in the second half, and probably gets my "Stalwart Performance" award of the day. He also had three pass deflections. I'm laughing at people saying "the pass rush caused the INT". Sorry guys, this is a team game, and the whole "cause/effect" argument works for almost every aspect of the game. He performed admirably out there in a sink or swim situation, because Garrad was absolutely picking on the man for most of the game he was in there.
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