Chris Brown wants to be traded ?!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HurricaneTitans, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    you mean because of the suspension for smoking drugs? :ha:

    I'm sorry, I just think pairing those two words is hilarious.
  2. paraconspiracy

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    i think he snorts drugs
  3. Soxcat

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    Thats the whole point Jeff. Brown wants to prove himself on the field and there is less of a chance he can get 300 carries with a crowded backfield. Saying Brown is worried about having to "work" to get carries is ridiculous. The guy put on 10 pounds of muscle in the off season and has worked his butt off from day one. He will work as hard if he is on a team with no RB competition or not. What he wants is to get into a situation where he can prove himself by being the man and he has nothing to lose if someone wants to give him that chance and the money now. Fisher is going to play Henry and White enough, even if Brown is playing well to take carries away. The Titans are going to want to evaluate all three this year for the future. Can White be the next Eddie? Is Henry a guy who can make Brown expendable? Is Brown worthy of a big contract? I see no way Fisher declares Brown the man, hands him the ball and tells Henry and White to take a seat even if Brown is playing well. Actually if Brown wasn't confident he could stay healthy he would accept the fewer carries and hope to make the most of the carries he got. Brown wants to show he can be a #1 probowl level back. You know as well as I that you don't draft a player in the firstt couple of rounds in the draft and not expect them to contribute right away, especially a RB.
  4. he does whatever he wants
  5. Hellblitzer

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    I say let him play out his current contract. This should give him incentive to play hard and stay healthy. Beside then we know what we have in White, and besides, if he leaves via FA we get a draft pick anyway. The only way i SEE WE TRADE HIM IS WE GET A 2ND ROUNDER FOR HIM, AND IT NEEDS TO BE A PROBABLY HIGH 2ND....
  6. fltitan

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    At the start of the season Fisher will get Brown and Henry carries and may put White in the mix depending on how he performs in camp. If Brown steps up and he becomes a franchise back he will get most of the carries every game if he doesnt he wont. Fisher wants to win and if Brown gives us the best chance to do that he will get plenty of carries it would not make since for Brown not to be the featured back if he performs to that level.
  7. Titansfan10

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    What are the odds we even do trade him, from the team itself's perspective theres not way they actually see a logical reason to trade him, hes out starting running back and the best we have now....unless a team offers us something thats irresistable then i see no way we trade him...
  8. Vigsted

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    851 yards on 224 attempts for a decent 3.8 avg. and 4 fumbles. Add to that 327 yards receiving on 25 catches for a 13.1 avg. and a combined 7 touchdowns. To me that's pretty good and considering who he had blocking for him it's even better.

    By trading for a marque RB in Henry and drafting a high profile RB in White you're not exactly saying "Hey, Brown is our guy for the future", you're not even saying "We believe Brown can turn the corner next season or the season after", you're basically saying "Play like a probowler or get the hell out".

    I think some people tend to forget Brown is only 1 year removed from his "rookie" season as a fulltime starter. In hindsight letting him sit behind George the first year was probably a big mistake.

    Still Brown has big play ability that few runningbacks have and for that alone I'd keep him around (having played with and against the only player with sub 4.4 speed in our own national league, I know what a pain/pleasure such guys are).
  9. GoTitans3801

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    You'd "keep him around". Yeah, we would too... We're planning on it, that's why he's under contract for us and #1 on our depth chart.

    Letting him sit didn't hurt the guy, heck, it probably kept him from getting injured again.

    Brown is getting his chances, you can't blame an NFL team for getting some insurance.
  10. Fry

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    you would think that, wouldnt you? but he didnt. he missed the first four games that year because of a hamstring.
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