Chris Brown is a durable back.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SEC 330 BIPOLAR, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. and this comes from the guy whos a decsendent of convicts and rejects FROM the UK
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    well they obviously sent the good ones down here.
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    Come now,let's desist from this trite quid pro qou & save it for a thread more suited to our time & purpose.

    Ponce speak for STFU :grrhee:
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    ok Soxcat, the way I see it, which is often flawed, production and durability are not mutually exclusive. How can he be productive if he is not on the field? IMO, to be truly productive a guy has to be able to go out there and do his work without getting hurt or sick. In the first preseason game Brown was barfing and in the second he took a lick and limped off the feild... he didn't return. I don't care if he ran like Gale Sayers, once you're hit and hurt and you're done... the production stops... no durability, no production... Why does Brown get hurt all the time? What's the deal with the way he runs? He runs so high exposing his body to risk... that's what makes him so vulnerable to injury. He doesn't run smart.
    That is an area where I do like him. I'd like to see more screens and stuff like that. That is an area where I can say he's good. I still am of the opinion that if a player is not healthy he ceases to be productive. He sucks at inside running but then again I am more than willing to hang that on the OL that obviously needs a major overhaul.
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    HA HA a UK Aussi fight. Try not to knock any teeth straight. :lol:
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    A back that is really only a catching threat in a limited passing offense is not really a help. That just puts him back in the 3rd down role again. They guy gets hurt ALLOT. Almost every game he plays. He can not pick up 'and short' gains. At best he could run a split back with White/Henry(boo! Henry). Plus he fumbles allot compared to the number of carries he has. If he starts getting 25+ carries a game he will not be in after game 8.

    I was totally disgusted with him when he walked off in the NO game but then again we do not have a proven replacement for him .... yet. If White could have sewn his lips shut in practice I think the #1 spot would be allot more heated.
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    That's alot like my deal with him. I can accept him as a situational back. Last time I checked he can pass block. I just have issues with "the guy" being such a stinking pansy. He leaves alot of games only to return TO START the following week. I think his GS numbers are misleading. I do not think they truly reflect how much time he's on the pine or in the training room. I'm tired of hearing people say "he's never going to be Eddie George." That gets old really quick.
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    Thank you. Took the words right out of my mouth. Brown is our RB just for this season, maybe not, I like him a lot, but LenDale is our future back, and I can't see Brown being here next year.
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    In all likelyhood you won't be seeing CB in too many second halfves this season
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