Chance Warmack and Jackie Battle Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by GeronimoJackson, Sep 8, 2013.

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    I think Im in the boat with some of the coaches nowadays that hate the prevent. I understand maybe allowing your guys to make a special effort to keep the play in front of them but full blown prevent is nearly as bad as a kick return.
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    I wonder if his ticks are getting worse. Has he gotten to the point where he has to obsessively dance around in the backfield or his head will explode? :cj:
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    BOOOOO :boo:
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    If locker just delivers on a couple of those open receivers our offense has a good day.

    Not a more difficult defensive front and defensive coordinator to play against.

    I like that fact that we still kept going to our power back even after Greene was out of the game. We are not going to live with CJ's hesitation and slip and slide running style for long if he is not effective.

    This is a team that gets after people.
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    Not to mention Walker that makes OPI on the Stoolers 30y line and takes us out of FG range.

    And DW dropping a 3rd and 15 conversion in Stooler territory.
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    Roos the way he is playing is still top shelf. The guy is an amazing LT and I still can't believe we got him in the 2nd - he has continuously played like a 1st rounder. Best believe he'd be a 7-time pro-bowler if he was on one of those big-market teams. He is fine for at least a couple more years if he keeps that up.

    Stewy not so much, that guy needs to clean up his play. I like physicality, but as you saw with Warmack and Andy, they get the job done with no penalties - especially Warmack, my goodness.... Stewy gave up a pretty bad sack and as usual had some 15 yarders called against him (well at least one, but it was a big one).


    On to the D, I LOVE that the people I've been preaching have played well.
    • My jersey on the left there has been Brown since maybe midway last year or a bit after that, why, because I saw a star in the making and he is delivering.
    • CASEY just wow, man of the match for sure and Titan of the preseason as well... To say he is coming into his own is a serious understatement. If i replace Brown's jersey, it would HAVE TO BE HIM. He's playing like man possessed
    • Morgan too was great as usual. Got pressure (1 sack, coulda had 2), pushed the QB inside several times for DTs/LBs to clean up, SEALED his edge ALL DAY long against the run, great stuff. He is an EXCELLENT all around DE, something that is VERY RARE now (usually they are either run stuffers or pass rushers, he does both really well)
    • AND MY BOY ATV with the diving int and SOLID coverage all day long. I love Tommie's story and I love his size, but ATV is just the better baller right now...
    • JMAC was arguably even better in coverage (although he didn't get an INT), great plays all day long.
    • On to Pollard, he REALLY cleaned up on the back-end for us. I hated on him quite a bit during the pre-season, but I take it all back right now, what a physical presence he brings.
    • Also, I was impressed with Fokou and Ropotia tbh, they are both pretty big and really helped clog the lanes against the run. Fokou is bigger than C-MAC and seemed better at shedding blocks. As for Rop he really helped occupy linemen for backers to make plays.
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