Can't Wait For This Team To Prove All The Detractors Wrong

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Jul 16, 2013.

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    I was on a website for Vegas NFL total wins for the up coming season and you wouldn't believe how much flack i got for saying the Titans will have a winning season this year.The odds in Vegas have us at 6.5 as far as wins in this upcoming season and if i had the dough i would hammer the hell out of the OVER on 6.5 because i know for a fact we will get more than six wins this season.

    I had one guy keep telling me that we would be in the bottom five in the league and no better than a four win team overall.I think we all know this team is not going to go out there and end up 4-12 by no means.Everyone here is correct that in the general media and non-fans perceptions they think the team won't do anything but those people don't know this team like we do.The roster this season is way better than last year by a long shot.

    Its great that GM Ruston Webster is finally bringing in some good talent and not settling for the bargains like Reinfeldt did.That was Reinfeldt's main problem in that he was bringing in mediocre free agents like Barrett Ruud,Jovan Haye and Shaun Smith which is why the defense got worse the last few seasons and letting Cortland Finnegan go instead of Michael Griffin was just plain dumb as well.1999-2008 we were one of the best teams during that time span but after Floyd Reese was let go sure enough or record got worse and it was because Reinfeldt brought in mediocre free agents and didn't do enough things to keep us contending.You could say he was too conservative for his own good because even at times where we really needed help on the roster he stood firm instead of going out and adding better players.

    I'm liking Websters approach to free agency as well as his drafting.Bringing in Andy Levitre from Buffalo as well as drafting Chance Warmack along with Brian Schwenke is going to make our line one of the best in the league.He also brought in Rob Turner and Chris Spencer as well for depth on the offensive line.Then bringing in Shonn Greene to help out in short yardage and goalline situations should help make things easier for Chris Johnson.The rebuilding of the line and bringing in Greene should help C.J. have one of his best seasons yet.We got more weapons for Locker bringing in TE Delanie Walker as well as drafting Justin Hunter.And also at the WR position we now have Washington,Wright,Britt,Hunter,Williams,Walter and we haven't been this deep at that position in years.

    On defense we brought in Bernard Pollard to toughen up the defense and give the defense an identity it has been lacking for quite some time.We also brought in George Wilson for leadership as well as solid play.Drafting Blidi Wreh Wilson should help along with Verner and McCourty at corner back.We also drafted Zavier Gooden at linebacker and Lavar Edwards at defensive end.Sammie Lee Hill was a free agent brought in from Detroit to help improve our run defense.Two players i really see stepping up this season are Zach Brown at linebacker and defensive end Derrick Morgan.Bringing in Gregg Williams to help coach should really bring out the beast in this defense.

    The bottom line is our fortunes are tied to Jake Locker and how well he performs.Most of the comments i've seen point to this team being solid at many positions except QB.Many people aren't sold on Locker yet as far as his play at the QB position.I do think this is going to be the season Locker makes a believer out of people.With that being said i think this team can go at least 9-7 and make the postseason as a wild card.The toughest part of the schedule is the three road games in late November and early December where they travel to the west coast to face Oakland then go to Indy for a tough division game before going back out west to face a very tough Denver team led by Peyton Manning.Depending on who you ask some people might say playing Seattle and San Francisco back to back before the bye is tougher or playing on the road at Pittsburgh and at Houston.

    I do see this team going 10-6 or 9-7 along with making a wild card.Not sure how others view this team but its a fact that through the draft and free agency we definitely improved.
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    We will have our day soon brother! Can't wait for the season to start!
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    I would definitely put some money on "over" as well. I wouldn't expect a decline. I wouldn't even call this a "winning" team.. but it's in no way worse than last year's.

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    I can't hate anyone for not knowing what we know about this team, but when we're winning, you better believe Im walking in the bar like I own that place.
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    how do I bet! point me in the direction!
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    I went to a website that had the totals couldn't find anything about where to place a wager BUT believe me i'm going to be looking into some places that take wagers and i'll report back.
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